ABOUT Andrew Mann

Andrew Mann



Every year more Americans die of drug abuse than died in the whole Vietnam War. This is the amazing inspirational true story of an addict named Andrew.

Andrew grew up in an unimaginably abusive family. His life seemed normal on the outside but inside was a nightmare. Andrew's life began in an upper class town of Morrestown, NJ. His family had a million dollar beach house, he attended college, and at one point even droves a Ferrari around South Florida. His life goes to amazing extremes like working for the DEA while being high on drugs. His addiction takes him to rehabs, jails, being homeless on the streets of Camden, New Jersey, and even to the point of being considered dead. When all hope is lost, people he considers "angels" entered his life. One person in particular refused to give up on him, when everyone told her too. Through her determination, he was able to find the strength to look into the real reasons for his addiction. Once he understood the real reasons behind his addiction he is able to completely turn his life around.

This book is a wild ride that will amaze, bewilder, amuse, and inspire you. People have said it was one of the "most interesting books they have ever read" , "I never wanted to put it down", and "I really felt I was there with him". Most importantly this book will give hope to anyone that is suffering with addiction or knows someone that is suffering with addiction. It shows us how working together we can beat this opiate epidemic.