The Girl Who Loved Herself: Self-Love, Courage and Surrender

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Maleeha Yousuf
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So as the story goes 28 year old girl 'Abeera' single recovering from her breakup. Yet looking for love in all the wrong places and in the wrong men. Chasing one man and than the another but her love life remains the same. Having success on the other side with her promising career she thinks marriage is not for her. She remains empty and sad inside yet trying to cover it up with her success. Until life throws big and very big relationship challenges and she has no option but to turn to God. She is completely surprised at what happens next?

But will she find the man of her dreams?

Will God answer her? Will she find inner success? Will she find true love?

Tired of bad relationships? Finding no peace in your relationships be it with family, partners or friend? Struggling in your parent child relationship? Cannot heal from past abuse? Stuck in one?

Through the amazing love story of Abeera, you will find concrete answers to start your personal transformation.
Through the eyes of Abeera, you will understand how to change your perception of this world and the reality around you.

Join Abeera in her struggles to find herself, God, and the man of her dreams.

The book goes in details on some of the secrets behind how girl and women can live a life to the full:
- Learn to challenge yourself and discover who you really are
- Understand What is the purpose of relationships in our life: become an actor and not a spectator of your life
- And very importantly... find the courage to distance yourself from those unhealthy relationships with no tomorrow
- Discover the power of self love and live your dreams
- Break those too common emotional barriers that hold you back
- Clear your mind about what true spirituality means, break the cliches and make it one of your guiding light as you start your journey towards who you really are?