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Ashlee Cox
Ashlee Cox is a former Journalist, PR Consultant and Managing Editor. She is currently a blogger, author and mindset mentor, living in the beautiful tropical island of Barbados. She has always had a love for psychology and mindset work which she incorporates into her daily life and bring More...



Those whispers that crowd your mind, those thoughts that spread fear, doubt and block you from going after you success are broken down and repurposed into useful and powerful tools to explode your confidence and continued success.

When you digest the information found in this book, you will never procrastinate again; you will lose that inherent fear of going after your goals and embrace the real elements of joy, confidence and self trust in your daily lives.

Gripping until the last page, Releasing Fear, Embracing Life is a powerfully insightful, modern and relatable book that, cuts a new light held on mindset wellness.