10 Days (New South Romance)

10 Days (New South Romance)

ABOUT M.K. Chester

M.K. Chester
M.K. Chester is an RWA award-winning author of historical and contemporary romance, urban fantasy and non-fiction. Her first novel, Surrender to the Roman, is published with Carina Press. Her four-book historical series, Bryeton Books, focuses on love, loss and redemption in small town  More...



Vacation romances weren't supposed to last. That's why they were a thing.

Maid of Honor Reagan Newhart arrives in Charleston only to learn the wedding party is delayed for three whole days. On the bride's advice, she decides it's time to let loose.

Russell Gannon, a regular to Charleston, sees a stunning young woman who grabs his attention. They start an affair that lasts until her friends arrive--and they discover they're in town for the same wedding, that of his estranged daughter.

As the star-crossed lovers dive for cover, a vicious ex-wife, entitled bride and plenty of self-doubt threaten to derail what could be true love. Can they commit to something fleeting and defy the odds to capture their happily-ever-after?