ABOUT Michael Black

Michael Black
I am a 54 year old man who has lived a life. I haven't always made the right choices, and I share many of those choices in the pages of my book, Happy Endings and a New Beginning. The book chronicles 49 years of my life, pages full of ups and downs, ins and out. The theme of this book is  More...


What does help look like to a four year old little boy who is sexually assaulted? Isn't life supposed to be about playing, running, and giggling? What happens to that little one who suddenly has to deal with adult sexual issues because he has just become sexualized by a predator? It's an unspeakable act; so, just who is he supposed to confide in? He doesn't really understand what happened let alone explain it. His life was changed forever.

This is how the mess of a life begins and what a mess it became. The author shares snippets of his life as he tried to sort his feelings. He believes that God gives people free will to choose the path they travel. Inside Michael Black's heart, he believes every choice he made led him to the next choice which shaped him into the man he is today. Many of the choices he made left him in conflict, but every day he chose to live and heal. He shares how being without a male role model may have affected his life, as well how being sexually violated a multitude of times may have been the core reason he began a fourteen year love affair with illicit drugs. He stumbled into the darkness that comes with those drugs.

Starring in his own true and heartbreaking drama, the author shares his journey through highlights of his life. He had crushing moments that should have taken his life and life-changing moments in his talks with God. He shares how his faith kept coming back to him, ultimately allowing him to rise above and press on. There is no regret for Michael as the darker the night, the lighter daybreak is.