Where Peaceful Waters Flow: Devotions to Help You Dwell in the Presence of the Lord

ABOUT Shearon Hurst

Shearon Hurst
For over 20 years, Minister Shearon Hurst has served the Lord, ministering his Word to those seeking to find comfort in and walk closer with Him. She has a servant’s heart, using His words to encourage, strengthen, and build others up while showing them how they can develop deeper, more  More...


Where Peaceful Waters Flow - Words of Encouragement devotional is filled with God's loving words to His children. The devotional is written as if the Lord is ministering to you Himself with refreshing words of comfort to feed your weary and wounded soul. Words, which will minister, restore and revive you. You can use this devotional during your quiet with the Lord as you sit with Him each day. Read it during that special time with the Lord, when you shut out everything and everybody to dwell in His presence. As you allow the Lord to come into your quiet conversation every day, your relationship with Him will grow stronger and stronger.

You can also use this devotional as you are meditating and giving the Lord your “first fruits” of the day; you will find yourself handling things easier because you have spent time with Him first. You see, with our Lord, it is not about how much money you give, it is about honoring Him with your very best, and keeping Him first. Honoring the Lord with your best will enrich your life in a way in which you have never known.

The words of encouragement included this book were ministered to me throughout the 10 years of my writing ministry. It took a lot of praying to find out how the Lord wanted me to put this book together, and which messages to include in the book, because there were so many wonderful messages He had given me over the years. Therefore, Where Peaceful Waters Flow” is divided into two parts. The first part of the devotional book is entitled, “BE STILL," and it’s filled with words of encouragement for your time when you are meditating and prayerfully sitting at His Feet.

The second part of the devotional book is entitled, “ARISE Praying with The Father In the Midnight Hour” and it is filled with responses received from the Holy Spirit during prayer and intercession time during the midnight hours in prayer.

If you want to experience the Lord, like never before; then come and allow these words of encouragement to usher you into His presence. Come and sit at His feet; be still and know that He is God. It is time for us to get back to an intimate relationship with Jesus. Get ready to dwell in the presence of the Lord and be refreshed, renewed and strengthen, as the Lord pours His refreshing oil over you to revive your weary soul. Come inside to Where Peaceful Waters Flow.