True Love is Spiritual: We are spirits not bodies

ABOUT Germain Muhirwa

Germain Muhirwa



It looks like more and more people are waking up 
to the reality behind this reality! People come and
go, and they never understand why they came here, and what 
we need to do during this probation journey towards 
our eternal destination "Heaven or the Lake of Fire."
The entire world had been put to sleep for too long,
and suddenly the "INTERNET" by what I was revealed to 
be the power of The Most High God connected people,
and they have started to wake up to the earthly illusion
that had kept all of us blind. This book answers 
some of the common questions that you might have been asking
yourself, such as why God created us "Love",
How the word of God indeed is our life mapped in the Scriptures,
The love of God, How the family love should be about knowing God, 
How do we inherit God's love, what are the consequences of growing
with no love of God, How does the world materialism influences love, 
Seeking for unreal love, How do you find true love, How do we grow
the true love, and finally how we become the Spiritual love. 
This is going to be your first step to your consciousness adventure
that will undoubtedly make you understand that the power has always been
within you! We are spirits having a human experience, and we never die.

This is a direct "Revelation" from the relationship that I have been having with the Lord since 2016 when the Spirit of God called me, and urged me to start reading the Bible. This happened on three occasions, at the same place, and at the same time. The message that I received changed my life, and became born-again. The Lord continued to be there for me until now, and my teachings have touched so many lives especially from my Facebook where I post daily about the word of God.

The book made it to Top 50 Best Selling Books on Amazon as of November 28th, 2020