I Don't Want That in My Ice Cream!

I Don't Want That in My Ice Cream!

ABOUT George Fratton

George Fratton
George Fratton (real name Simon Willis) is a translator with a command of Arabic, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. He holds a BA in Arabic studies and has spent most of his working life in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, plus three months as translator/interpreter in New York City.  More...



Sophie, ten (but she might be eight and a half or nine and three-quarters) puts on her mummy's shoes and clip-clops into disaster and guilt. When her ‘best-est' friend Jessica is on holiday, Sophie is so desperate for someone to play with that she ends up at the home of the weirdest girl in her school, who has a morbid interest in funerals... for soft toys. As for their invented language, not only do Sophie and her ‘best-est' friend understand it, but so do sinister beings from elsewhere in the universe. After a hard day at school, she is horrified to be lectured at by complete strangers on subjects ranging from cinema to doggie poo. She finds herself swimming in a cup of weak tea with a toad, travelling back in time to WWII, and featuring in a bizarre documentary. Step into the Kafkaesque and weird world of Sophie, her cantankerous mother and her doting daddy.