And Breathe...: Prevent, Manage and Master Difficult Leadership Conversations in Business and Beyond!

ABOUT Nicole Posner

Nicole Posner


How do you approach that conversation?  A disagreement with a confrontational business partner? A performance review with a challenging employee? An awkward dialogue with a difficult client.  An uncomfortable feedback conversation with your own boss? A compassionate conversation with an emotional team member? 


These are just a few of the intriguing questions Communication and Conflict Expert Nicole Posner tackles in her insightful and compelling new book.  Drawing on years of experience as a Workplace Mediator, Communication and Conflict Coach, Consultant and Trainer, this book is packed with anecdotes, tools, tips and techniques to empower you to successfully navigate any difficult conversation.  


Split into two parts, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Cure, part one explores the factors that spark and fuel a conflict necessitating the difficult conversations in the first place.


Part two offers an abundance of valuable advice to guide and support you to confidently manage those tough exchanges so that no conversation will ever feel overwhelming again.


Whether you are a Business Owner, Leader, Manager, HR Director, Consultant or Entrepreneur, this book will equip you with everything you need to work through your difficult conversations with skill so you breeze through them effortlessly, relieved that it wasn’t so tough after all! …. And Breathe!



“I was gripped! An invaluable, unmissable guide for anyone who wants to improve the way they communicate and manage their people”.

Sandra Davis,

Partner, Mischcon de Reya