Marta's Place


By CM Albrecht

Publisher : Lyrical Press

ABOUT CM Albrecht

CM Albrecht
A former investigator, author of seven crime novels: The Little Mornings, Marta's Place, The Albemarle Affair, The Reception and the Homicide Detective Steve Music Series:  Music, Evidence and Still Life with Music.



Hal wants a chance to improve his lot in life. The trouble begins when everybody else tries to make something of him, too.

Shallow sexpot Ara wants to make him her lover. Unattractive businesswoman Marta wants to make him her husband. Detectives want to make him an accused murderer. And what menacing drug kingpin El Zurdo wants to make him doesn't bear thinking about.

Hungry for intrigue and danger? Come on in to Marta's Place--but watch your step!

Title:  Marta's Place

Author:  Carl M. Albrecht

Publisher:  Lyrical Press


Genre:  Contemporary Fiction


If you've ever been out of work and send on interviews for menial jobs, you will both sympathize with Hal and understand his letting life happen when it points to a way out of his present situation.  He is sent to a small restaurant called Marta's Place and his luck seems to turn.


Marta is a older woman making a small success of  her restaurant located in a changing neighborhood with a limited customer base.  Luckily, she is a good cook and willing to give unskilled help a chance. As time passes, Hal becomes more than a helper.


But even as things are looking up for him, Hal takes chances that could ruin everything. Then he is accused of murdering a woman he knew.  This is a blow that threatens his new security at a time when Marta is making big plans. His only hope is that he can keep her from finding out.


Talented author Carl M. Albrecht has crafted an interesting study of life and how one can go from rags to riches with just a little luck and lots of hard work. Mr. Albrecht has a thorough understanding of human desires and what motivates a young man who has been drifting through life on the bottom of society. You'll want to know if he can attain a better position in life and keep it.


I'm pleased to recommend Marta's Place as well worth the time. A well told tale with lots of emotions and interesting characters.  You may recognize them as people you know or have met.  I did.


Enjoy.  I did.


Anne K. Edwards