By Maggi Coleman

Publisher : New Concepts Publishing

ABOUT Maggi Coleman

Maggi Coleman
I am a multi-published author with a BA in English and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. I write mysteries and historical romance novels under the pen name: Maggi Andersen.
I live in the countryside outside Sydney, Australia with husband, cat and the ducks in the stream at the bo More...


It was plain to see from the moment Wilhelmina arrived at his country estate that the devastatingly handsome Blake, Viscount Dangerfield, disapproved of most everything about her.

The codicil to his father’s will came as an unpleasant shock to Blake, Viscount Dangerfield. He had no desire to tie himself down at all, let alone to Wilhelmina--a skinny urchin, barely out of the schoolroom, with mousy hair, no bosom, and a hoydenish disposition.

A romance, set in 1850 England.

5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance
How To Tame A Rake is a breathtaking story of finding your true self, Willy is shown as a gentle, kind soul who is frowned upon because she rescues dogs and orphans. Blake is a rakish bachelor who sees his fiancee as unrefined and tries to mold her into how all the other young ladies of the Ton act. Only after she struggles to fit in and cannot, does the viscount realize how uncomfortable Willy is with the city life. Ms. Andersen has taken a tale of an arranged marriage between a rake and a country maiden and given it a unique spin that will leave you entertained and falling in love with this beautifully written story.