Submission to Master

Religion & Spirituality

By Jim VonSchounmacher

Publisher : Unique Writing Publications

ABOUT Jim VonSchounmacher

Jim VonSchounmacher
In my youth my Grandfather told me, “Never ask a man where he is from… if he’s from Texas he’ll tell you and if he’s not… why embarrass him?”  Having said that… I was born in a county up in Northeast Texas… Pennsylvania, July 13, 1944.

In my life, I have been More...


We are happy to commend this excellent book. It is a fine piece of work from a new American Author, Pastor and Texas Cowboy, Jim VonSchounmacher who has humbly attempted to bring men to a right understanding of who GOD says they are. By using his expertise with horses to teach us about GOD’s principles of “Submission to a Master”, in a very easy-to-comprehend way, Jim explains how this wild and untamed horse is brought into submission, and how it relates to how GOD brings us under submission...  and how GOD takes us in the palm of HIS mighty and tender hands and slowly but surely begins to melt us, mold us, shape us, discipline and disciple us for HIS glory!
The photographs included, which are singularly beautiful, will also provide the reader with endless pleasure and profit and an insight into how GOD demonstrates HIS truth and HIS principles of submission through these majestic creations… HIS horses and their temperaments.