Alternative Poetry Books Yellow edition - Lite

Humor, Poetry

By Michele Brenton

Publisher : Endaxi Press

ABOUT Michele Brenton

Michele Brenton
I'm known on the internet as banana_the_poet aka Michele Brenton. 
I was born in Swansea, Wales and lived for 3 years on the Greek island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea.

I prefer to write short snappy pieces whether serious or quirky.
My main influences have been Hil More...



A quirky original entertaining collection by turns amusing then powerful - but always engaging.

A roller coaster ride through new scenery.

Poetry for poetry lovers and haters alike.

Most importantly - you won't be bored.

alternative poetry in more than one sense of the word from banana the poet AKA Michele Brenton.

A Lite e-book sample of the full 82 page edition Alternative Poetry Books - Yellow edition published by Endaxi Press ISBN 978-1-907375-00-2 printed by Lightning Source & available in paperback at £4.99 or on Kindle for 70p/99c

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As banana the poet, Michele Brenton has been publishing her funny/silly poetry online for a number of years.

More recently she was persuaded to allow her more 'serious' poems into the light and to her surprise they were kindly received.

The 7 book Alternative Poetry Books series is being produced after a number of requests for hard copy collections.  The Yellow edition is the first paperback of the seven and is now available to buy on It got to number 31 on the UK Amazon Poetry Bestseller's List in December!

This 'Lite' edition is a short e-book - the full paperback version contains 82 pages and retails at £4.99/$7.99 or your currency equivalent. Kindle and Nook compatible download versions can be found on the publisher's website

Posted November 1, 2009, 12:45 PM EST: I stumbled upon Banana the Poet, aka Michele Brenton, on the Writers Digest website. I've been following her on Twitter ever since and I read the sample poetry before purchasing this book as well. I really like the mixture of serious and funny poems that are included in this collection. "Cut Glass Floor", one of the serious poems, is raw evokes the pain of a lover's broken promise that everyone has felt at one point or another in life. "While Sincere Apologies to my Teacher" is funny and sweet, even in its brevity, which is refreshing because Michele uses only enough words - the right words - in creating her prose. I am purchasing this book as gifts for several friends, and a copy for myself! Lyn South. Customer review on Barnes & Noble