Aviation Pioneers: A Collection of Stories From the First Airmail Pilots, Flight Attendants, and Passengers

ABOUT Tamara Davidson

Tamara Davidson



Aviation Pioneers is a book compiled of stories Floyd Hill Davidson collected throughout his years working in aviation. He began his career with Boeing Air Transport as a pilot in early 1932, continuing to fly for United Airlines for 35 years. The stories he has collected describe what it was like to fly with the very first passengers, flight attendants, and the mail during the early days of aviation. Floyd's granddaughter compiled his stories together which were found years after his passing. She has left them exactly as they were written by her grandfather. The stories are hilarious, and they will take you back to an exciting time in aviation history.

My grandpa used to fly the airmail and later retired as a pilot with United Airlines. He kept a bunch of funny stories about his experiences back then and I think you'll get a kick out of them....especially all of you airline people. He tried getting them published a long time ago but was unable to. I came across a bunch of his stories in these boxes that were about to be thrown out and thought I'd try to put them all together and turn it into a book.