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By David Harrington

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David Harrington


Collection of short stories from the Visionary Fiction & Spiritual/Metaphysical Poetry subgenres based on a series of mystical and esoteric visions. 

Collection of short allegories based on a series of mystical and esoteric visions.

"INCLINATIONS" by David B. Harrington
Book Review by Ariel Monserrat, Editor of Green Egg Zine

 Our very own Green Egg poet laureate has written a book of poetry and it's been published!  Anyone familiar with his work knows that he creates beautiful images with his words.  While David loves to learn about other religions and has reverence for them, this book of poems is written from the view point of Abrahamic religions.  It talks about God, Lucifer and angels.  It may seem weird to review a book that has such a slant, but having read David's poetry in Inclinations, I greatly enjoyed the imagery and mysticism.  He takes the reader through a series of visions that were shown to him by the holy ones.  My favorite poem is "Living Butterflies" where leaves fall from the trees and turn into butterflies, inspiring the reader with wondrous surreal imagery.  I would recommend this book to anyone, whatever their religious beliefs for its imagery and beauty of words.

Review by Grace Bridges of the Lost Genre Guild and Splashdown Books:

 In the manner of Biblical prophets but with hints of modern science, David Harrington has constructed a striking and oftentimes disturbing series of narratives.  I hesitate to call "Inclinations" either a novel or even fiction, though I confess I am not sure what it is meant to be.  Is the declamatory style only reminiscent of the wild men of the Old Testament, or is there something else at stake here?  It's full of images that flash by in a moment and then are gone, leaving the reader to consider what they might represent alot like the Book of Revelation, clearly not meant to be understood at face value:  Celestial apparitions, kings and queens, plagues, symbolic animals and horns, angels and demons.  The large-scale events described here are shocking and even venomous at times, while the exhortations to the reader are no less jolting.  I wont pretend to comprehend the intent of all these "visions", though a few of them struck me as being theologically unusual and occasionally downright peculiar.  This is a religious book and may prove inspiring to some.

Review by Steven Fivecats, Editor of Yellow30SciFi

David Harrington's Inclinations might well suit a time in history that for modern man has long been forgotten.  On first read this book might be considered as one of the missing books of the Bible.  This intriguingly mixture of poetry and prose quickly puts one in remembrance of ancient monks sequestered in monasteries in days gone by.  The narrative and style follows such books of the Holy Scripture like Isiah, Jeremiah or Daniel. In fact, this might even be considered the 'Book of Tixen' if one were to label it such.  In this small volume one will find the brief overview of the origins of angels and their rebellion against their Creator.  However, the book departs biblical perspectives as it weaves stories of nymphs, mermaids and mystics.  As with all ancient books concerning the mysteries and origins of life, Inclinations has its prophetic side and speaks of Judgment and Apostasy.  It will be interesting to see what comes next from the pen of David Harrington.