Meditation for Everyday Living

Religion & Spirituality

By Michele Meiche

Publisher : Self in Light

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Michele Meiche
Michele helps people make the changes in their life that they can’t seem to make on their own. She is able to help them cut through the blocks that hold them back from making the life changes they want and living their dream. With her help they get clarity, direction, focus, su More...


The Meditative state is your True Nature...
You are born with this state of awareness & beingness...
It is socialized out of us... We learn to over emphasize our "surface mind" or Logic mind; some say Ego Mind...
The True Ego/Personality has it's place... It is a wonderful at "To Do Lists"
It is wondeful at "knowing what has already been done before" It is wonderful as a physical manifestation of your Soul..
The true ego is your is a vehicle, a vessel for your Soul's manifestation in physical form on this material-earth plane......
However, to get to your creative insight, intuitive knowing, innovation or the center of you being you need meditation.

Meditation is the "practice" to live in the "meditative state"...

The meditation processes and focus of this book is to assist you to get back to your "True You".... Your Inner You & to live from this space of being.
And, yes, it is possible to align- attune quickly into this state... It is possible to  live in this state.... Remember it is Your True Nature...

You are simply learning to re-align & connect to this part of you....

This book is packed with powerful tools and techniques for entering into the meditative state. In this book learn the inner process of meditation and breathwork. Learn to balance your life and center in body, mind and spirit. Learn to access your inner guidance for issues of health, relationship, career and all important areas of your life. You will learn to create a quiet calm state of mind to achieve clarity for decision making. You will also learn tools of self development and spiritual integration for personal growth, peace of mind and more fulfillment in your life. This book lives up to its title, Meditation for Everyday Living, in way that is easy to follow and simple to understand. More importantly, this powerful little book is like a guide on the side, who everyday assists the student of meditition in further developing their meditative practice. It can be used by a person new to meditation as well as the person who has been meditating for years. Michele Meiché gives simple and clear instructions, through numerous breath work exercises, for working with physical relaxation techniques. These exercises assist a person to better understand that achieving a meditative state is really a process. This is an excellent book with a variety of everyday techniques and exercises to meet every kind of challenge and achieve a level of mental calm, peace of mind and relaxation.

On the first edition of this book i was actually asked to write an autobiography... i didn't think i yet, had enough to say & share in this format... During this time I was also working with a lot of clients on "stress reduction" hypnotherapy, spiritual awareness & meditation.... So many clients were saying "I don't have time", " I can't meditate", " I don't know how to", "It is too frustrating to try" and "My mind races too much"....and so on... I had come from a background of meditating for 2 1/2 hrs in the morning & 2 1/2 hrs in the evening... i had been to many meditation retreats, classes, silent retreats.. I had studied with Muktananda, Gurumayi, my Native American Elders, studied Shamanism-mysticism, spiritualism, hypnotherapy, nlp, metaphysics-many healing modalities, spiritual disciplines and philosophies. So, i was steeped in meditation....LOL... So, what was the problem??.. But there was a problem... Time, and Technique... I realized that all is consciousness... And, if meditation was our True Nature as is stated in the Buddhist Sutra.. then it is there inside us... essential is us... I also realized that it really is a falsehood that it takes a "certain amount of time" to align within... A profound realization for me was that you don't have to be a bodhisattva, ascetic, monk, priest or initiated guru to live in this state.... It is absolutely possible to live in this state and to know when you are off center and in a manner of minutes, seconds or with a simple shift in awareness, shift in consciousness to re-connect.. The focus of this book is just this... I distilled what i learned, experienced and lived for over 20 yrs and put it in a form that is not only easy to do (with practice) but is impossible not to do. :-) The breath is key... without the breath awareness there is no true alignment... So, i became impassioned... And, i caught a lot of flack.... I was told this can't be right...but it is... If it is really our "True Nature" then meditation simply helps you be "You"....Your True You... and that is much more peaceful and joyful... This doesn't mean you don't have ups and downs in your life... Or, times when you are sad or mad... It just means you don't lose your inner connection. You retain an inner peace, no matter what. You retain an awareness that you are more than your circumstances and you live with this knowing fully expressed. You remember the truth of who you are... So, I've always been a bit of a rebel and a bit ahead of the curve and so I taught this to many & many responded "I am this"... Yes.. you are this.... So, it doesn't matter if you wear white, are vegan or wear black, have a Gucci bag, Louis Vuitton, or wear hemp, do yoga, don't do yoga, do pilates, run a marathon, lift weights, drink alcohol, etc, etc... you are still spiritual... You are a spiritual being... of spirit.. and meditation is simply a way to remember the truth of who you are and make decisions and live from this awareness...

1-Michele's book is truly a fine tool for incorporating meditation practice into everyday living..and that has made a huge, positive difference in my life. The meditations, reflections, and teaching are clear, genuine and heart-felt. Rather than making meditation an isolated, internal process, this book shows how you can live a meditative life in all that you do and thus access moment by moment the deep power you possess. Indeed, if more people followed these practices, the world would live in an elevated state.--John Bertolli

2-I used Michele’s guided meditation to manage a debilitating neurological disease I was diagnosed with. These meditations have been paramount to my full recovery to health. Michele continually lends me her optimism, strength, and wisdom to keep pushing forward to the light.--Kimberly Keys Insurance Consultant

3-When I am confused, overwhelmed, or stressed out in 20 minutes, I feel centered, calm and refreshed.--Dana Zdanis Business Consultant

4-Mediation for Everyday living is a book for everyone. It truly made meditation something I could do. I was always daunted by closing my eyes and going within and Michele makes it fun. I recommend this book for the holidays, it is a great gift to give the beginner and the expert. I am so glad I picked up this book!! Thank you and blessings- David Brown

5-This is one of the best books i have ever read on meditation !!! Michele makes meditation so easy !!! It is great for the person who is on the go and doesn't have the time to meditate for hours ... After just a few short minutes of doing just one of her meditations I feel a complete shift in my energy.A sense of calm and peace replaces the stress and anxiety i usually walk around with.Thank God for this book !!!! Its a life saver !!Its a tool I always carry with me !!! LB

6-In a recent visit to my doctor for a physical,I registered higher than usual blood pressure. I asked for 3-4 minutes, during which I focused and meditated, using one of Michele’s meditation processes. Upon re-taking my blood pressure the second reading was normal. Michele’s integrated spirituality, intelligence and highly evolved creative talents are courageously put into action with her processes.
Barry Alexander Nelson BSc. Microbiology
Owner & President, UltraPure Water Quality, Inc.
Ontario, Canada

7-This book changed my life. Michele is an amazing meditation coach. Her clear instruction coupled with the power of meditation is a powerful tool for letting go of old patterns and coming into the present moment. Letting go of past events and not endlessly making lists of what will happen in the future were a direct result of reading this book. I am very grateful for the gift that she has given in this book, the gift of enjoying the present. Desiree Bartlett

8-This book will change you life, Michelle approach to living from this state has transformed my meditation practice while at Work, car anywhere you simply turn with-in and remember the breath. The format ,writing is so easy to get you will have a practice down.-Digby Leibovitz

  9-Michele meiche has written a helpful and insightful book for those interested in developing and expanding their awareness of the consciousness that exists beyond that of the busy and materially driven world. This state exists as a reality and the book that encompasses Michele's inspirational insights provides a great source of techniques for developing inner awareness and helping people to reach a state of equilibrium in which mind, body and spirit become centered. As a result, they can make great changes in their lives and experience being in the pressent moment in joy and fulfillment. This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it   Anna Maria Hemingway