Kilt Worthy


By Catherine Bybee

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

ABOUT Catherine Bybee

Catherine Bybee
First and always I'm a wife and a mother. Second, I'm a writer... anything and everything romance. If it doesn't have a happily ever after, I'm not interested. Lets face it. Life is full of... well... life. Having spent over a decade of my life working as a RN in urban Emergency Rooms, I w More...


Peering at the world from behind her camera lens, "Plain Jane" Parker is stunned to see a handsome hunk wearing a kilt as he confidently strolls down a busy Seattle street. Her dormant libido roars to life even before their eyes meet. Aroused and intrigued, she tosses aside her usual caution and follows when Logan MacLaren beckons for a delightfully sinful one-night stand.

Logan is an exceptionally talented lover, wielding the abundant sword he sports beneath his plaid to deliver unparalleled pleasures. He reminds her to trust her instincts after reality proves they're a more perfect fit than either imagined.

Then Logan drops his bombshell: He's traveled through time to find her and wants her to stay with him medieval Scotland. Did Jane just have the most erotic sex of her life with a delusional crazy man, or is it truly possible for her one-night stand to last forever?

Excerpt: What is he wearing under there, anyway? Dragging my gaze back to his, I could have sworn he could read my thoughts yet again. His cocky grin grew larger. My eyes traveled back down his hard torso and I saw a twitch beneath his kilt. A really big twitch. I dug in my heels, shook my head and started to back away. “Maybe this is a mistake.” His hand reached out and caressed my cheek, his eyes glued to mine. One more step back and the brick building stopped my retreat. Mr. Kilt leaned in. Heat, mixed with his strong male scent, surrounded my quivering body. His other hand came up and rested on the wall behind me. Boxed in, I watched his lips move, his breath quicken and something that looked like concern stream from his eyes. Every nerve in my body called out, wanting his touch. I forgot about the alley as my attention narrowed to him and the rapidly shrinking space between us.

5 Cherries from LASR's Whipped Cream
Review by: Xeranthemum

Kilt Worthy is an effective and mind-blowing first person account about being seduced by and falling in love with a hunky Scottish laird straight out of my most romantic fantasies.

Ms. Bybee has given Jane Parker an incredible voice and a well written and believable personality. Her internal dialogue convinced me that the heroine was smart, pragmatic, well adjusted and primed for love and passion. Although I could only know the studly Logan from Jane’s perspective, the author did a stellar job with her descriptions and emotions. I also commend Ms. Bybee for an intense and well written account of Jane’s seduction by Logan – I couldn’t read fast enough and I truly felt satisfied as a reader.

I also liked the focus of the story – the excitement, the joy and the uncertainty of finding your soul mate and the tinderbox passion that erupts when you accept fate. I didn’t need the trappings of how things worked in the magic/time travel department. This is a story of two people destined to fall in love and how they handle it. This is a story of the moment that changes everything for them and their lives become new, fresh and full of promise.