Something Desirable


By Sherlyn Powell

Publisher : iUniverse

ABOUT Sherlyn Powell

Sherlyn Powell
My latest book A Gift Called Mother is now available in e-book and paperbook format. So far I've gotten two outstanding reviews. I am also the author of two highly praised romance novels, Captured Hearts and Something Desirable. Currently writing my third novel and working other projects. More...


Adrienne Baxter, a young beautiful and successful African American architect, struggles to separate love from desire when two handsome men vie for her heart and affection.

I started writing a romance novel when my daughter was born but I set my writing aside to be a mom. I've had a novel burning deep inside me for years so when I decided to pursue my dreams I pulled out the original draft and made major changes, and I developed the love triangle. The only thing that didn't change were the main characters names Adrienne and Brian and her best friend Erica. Today there are many strong women in our society, yet there are some women that either do not feel they can be independent or they don't want to be alone. I wanted women to read my novel and identify with Adrienne and her success. The message to all women is you are beautiful and you can do anything you set your mind to do.


Adrienne Baxter is a bright atttractive young architect in Washington, DC. She reunites with her college steetheart, Brian, who is a handsome successful attorney with everything she could desire in a future husband. Adrienne is well on her way to paving success as an architect for a large firm. She has more than one could ask out of life.

Then comes Dexter. Dexter is a wealthy dashing man smitten with Adrienne, and she can't help but fall for him. He's mysterious, fun, loving, exciting, and sparks feelings she can't ignore. She's always felt Brian was "the one" but now Dexter makes her have second thoughts. She can't decide what she wants. Can she date Brian and Dexter and risk losing both? Can she let either of them go?

Journey with Adrienne as she tries to resolve her conflicting feelings for both men. Ride the roller coaster of emotions that put her job and relationships in jeopardy. Watch as her close bonds with her friends and  family help Adrienne discover her true self.

Something Desirable is a well-crafted debut novel by sherlyn Powell that dives into the many components in discovering what makes true, lasting love. And as is true-to-life, finding true love begins with knowing and loving yourself first.

Margaret Oleksa,

Richmond Books Examiner

Although her first novel, Sherlyn Powell proves she can weave a plot and create characters that will keep you reading. Adrienne Baxter is a smart and savvy architect who excels in her career, but feels completely inadequate when faced with the love of two men and having to decide between them.

J. Liggan,

Novelist, Public Speaker, Educator

An Amazing Debut 

Adrienne Baxter is the epitome of a strong, ambitious, and successful independent woman. She has a supportive group of girlfriends as well as a loving family. Living her dream as an architect Adrienne is on the fast track to success and nothing can distract Adrienne from reaching the top. When two irresistible men enter her life unexpectedly, Adrienne’s life becomes an emotional rollercoaster.

First, there was Brian Stevens, the love of her life. Brian defines everything that she ever wanted in a man. When Brian contacts Adrienne out of the blue, old flames ignite. Adrienne is more than smitten with Brian, and is sure that he is the one. That is, until Dexter Hughes comes along.

Undeniably sexy, Dexter is a presumptuous man who will not stop until he gets what he wants, and this time his eyes are set on the attractive Adrienne Baxter.

With both men in heavy pursuit of her love, Adrienne’s life becomes an emotional rollercoaster that forces her to choose between two men who have undoubtedly stolen pieces of her heart.

Is it possible to love two men at once? How can we tell when it is real love or just infatuation? These are some of the questions Powell poses in her debut novel, Something Desirable, a page turning love story that about success and the pursuit of true love.

A breath of fresh air in Urban Lit., Powell, portrays the positive side of African-American culture, family and relationships. Powell skillfully tells the story of successful, African-American men and women, who have it ‘going on,’ but struggle to find a balance between their careers, and experiencing true love. Packed with engaging dialogue and true to life scenarios, Something Desirable is an amazing novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Review by P. Goosby

JuJu Books


What happens when the best laid plans go awry? That is the challenge of this seductive, engaging and heartwarming tale. Adrienne Baxter is a brilliant young architect who,on the fast track, has a life all planned out. Set to enjoy a life with Brian - Dexter walks into her life... and was not supposed to happen! As a lovely and intelligent African American woman, she finds she is uncharacteristically weak and unsure as she enjoys the attention of both men. Only one, however, can win...

M. Hudson,

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What Is A Girl To Do? 

I have been with my husband since high school. When I read books like Something Desirable by Sherlyn Powell, I am so happy I recognized my soul mate when I did. If I was Adrienne Baxter, I would be pulling my hair out with the decisions of who should it be. 

Adrienne has all her ducks lined up in a precise row. The only thing missing is a fine, loving man for herself. When her old flame resurfaces, Adrienne is ecstatic. But when another good looking man shows interest in her, she finds herself in a love triangle. Would it be Brian, the boyfriend who got away years ago because of the long distance relationship? Or, would it be Dexter, the fun and exciting man who keeps everything interesting and spontaneous?

Powell developed real-life, down-to-earth, every day characters. As I read Something Desirable, I could see someone I know going through the same sort of conflicting emotions and stressing over them. The need to know what happened next kept me with the book at my side at all times.

Jennifer Coissiere

APOOO BookClub


Sherlyn, I have finished the book.  I was sorry to see it end; it was really, truly great. 

Hi Sherlyn,

I just finished reading your book "Something Desirable" and WOW! It was wonderful! It only took me a few days to read it bucause I couldn't put it down! I won't say anything because I don't want to ruin it for others, but the ending was perfect. I am blessed to know you. Good luck on your next book! Your friend, Julie

When is the next book coming out? It could be any better than this one; at least, I can't imagine it.

Hi Sherlyn,
I finished reading the book and it's awesome. I loved the ending, it made me cry!! I think it's great and I'm sure you will do great selling them.  Congratulations!!

I loved your book. I couldn't put it down. It really touched me in one part and I couldn't help crying. I want to know when you are going to write a sequel.