Housekeeping for the Soul

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Dena Patrick
Sandra Carrington-Smith is the author of Housekeeping.  This profile is about Dena Patrick, the consulting editor and marketing person for Sandra's books and the creator of this "widget."

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The first book to combine how-to, self-help and spiritual genres to address the needs of millions of readers as they strive to detach from the Culture of Chaos and embrace a life of balance. It is through this inner harmony and balance that one may then create a meaningful, authentic reality. With a down-to-earth approach, the reader is guided through the process of emotional healing and renewal of spirit through the familiar analogy of housekeeping: cleaning, organizing, and "airing out" our lives, room by room, task by task.

Sandra Carrington-Smith is a mother, writer, life coach, and self-titled "life observer," currently living in North Carolina with her family. A native of Italy, with poetry published there as a young adult, Sandra grew up in a fascinating environment: her father is a devout Catholic, her mother a Voodoo priestess, her maternal grandmother a Strega witch (a centuries-old practice of Italian witchcraft), and her paternal grandmother a Christian healer. The way she perceives life is very interesting...

Housekeeping for the Soul carries its lovely, practical message with a lilting voice and eclectic viewpoint. The author helps us clear out some spiritual cobwebs and make our next 'spring cleaning' apply not to our homes but to the deepest part of ourselves. Victoria Moran, author of international bestseller Creating a Charmed Life

Sandra Carrington-Smith 'brings home' the need to simplify and let go of psychological 'clutter' in order to be more fully present in our everyday lives. Housekeeping for the Soul overflows with important concepts presented in a style that is fresh and relatable. A unique, 'must read' debut from this eloquent author. S.T. Underdahl, Clinical Psychologist and author of The Other Sister and Remember This