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Robert Nahas
I'm a professional book writer -- having written over 50 books for others -- and a friend, helper, inspirer...to the aspiring author. I own a company that provides professional literary services, which helps aspiring authors achieve their book dreams.


At the age of 14, a girl barely cognizant of responsibility, safety or survival, Lori Stephens was thrown out into the street by her mother. This would be the beginning of a life no one deserves to endure, ever.

With nowhere to go, confused and frightened beyond comprehension, she settled in inside of a small washroom of a condo complex. Curled up as small as she could make herself, she lay abandoned, with only her pillow case filled with a few clothes. What happened next can only be adequately described in the pages within…, and this was only the beginning.

Through her struggle to stay alive in a world she barely understood, with no lessons about life or warnings, with non-existent parents from a broken home, without support and encouragement or life experiences that might help in understanding right from wrong, good from bad, safety from danger…, this young girl met adversity headlong, with no recourse at her disposal.

The memoirs of the next 30 years of her life of drug abuse, with METHAMPHETAMINES as her mainstay, physical violence, rape, conflict with the Law..., are described profoundly in this book. Also, the courage, the will to stay alive, the guts to persevere through an impossible road out of the toughest trap from which one might ever have to escape, Lori Stephens overcomes impossible adversity.

And in result, this woman’s strength to overcomeand her heroism to help others do the samecan only inspire and encourage every person in their daily lives. This is something to be shared and cheered about, because we all win when someone beats impossible odds. Through their examples, we, ourselves,  become fortified and empowered to overcome; we become more willing to help; we become more excited about living life!

This woman’s story will amaze you. It will make you realize so many things about yourself. And it will likely be something that you carry with you, for inspiration, for the rest of your life.

Lori L. Stephens came to me and said, "I want a book to help others overcome addiction." She had only been clean of drugs for one year at the time, and I had in the back of my mind, covered, "What if she relapses?" Little did I know at the time what an amazing, strong woman she is. She gave me her life story that she'd been assigned to write up in her rehab program. And almost two years later, the book was finished - February of 2009. And the end product was nothing less than awe-inspiring and a riveting page turner. Though I've worked with hundreds of aspiring authors, I walked away from Lori's project with a higher trust in humanity, a greater impression of hope of people in general, and a more endearing heart. Why was I so affected? Because Lori L. Stephens has no business loving mankind or wanting to help anyone after what had been done to her...starting with rape at 14, yet this incredible woman wants to help others. She gets up each day for the purpose of assisting complete strangers. This is wonderfully inspirational in itself. And to see what she survived...it is simply so remarkable that she is still here to talk about it. Lori is not only helping addicts recover, she recently told me that, after much service to helping raise money for cancer patients, she was invited to be the Committee Fundraising Chair for The Ribbons Of Life Breast Cancer Foundation. Lori's book is destined to be a bestseller, not because of expensive marketing campaigns, but because it is a true masterpiece depicting real life, and it is a true inspiration for anyone who has an addiction (or knows someone with an addiction) of one kind or another: whether that'd be drugs, alcohol, food or any other compulsive element.


Just finished reading your book, "Trapped" and wanted to make a few comments.

First, there is something on the pages of the book which made it very difficult to continue reading, my eyes would water and blur my vision.
  It amazes me, no matter how different our stories and paths are we relate to what is said, when someone shares their story from the heart.  I haven't finished reading a book from cover to cover in 3 or 4 years.  Just wanted you to know that I loved your book and want to thank you for writing it.  I know, reading your story allowed me to think about some of my own experiences that I haven't thought about in quite a while.  I also gained the opportunity to view some of my experiences in a different light and perspective.  Thanks for that opportunity. 

I know that your book has the potential to help a lot of addicts to find their way into the rooms of recovery and I am sure God will see that the book gets into their hands.  Thanks again for writing it.


Good luck and Have A Great Day