Druidical Quest

Religion & Spirituality

By Dale Bertrand

Publisher : Azatlan Publishing

ABOUT Dale Bertrand

Dale Bertrand


A journal of discovery relating to 120 year old writings by a Welsh immigrant to Canada by the name of John Hugh Roberts.  He referred to himself as the 'Last Recorder of the Druids.'  Educated in the 1830s by three woman, one from Brittany, one from Cornwall and his maternal grandmother from North Wales, he was taught to beleive he was a chosen one to witness and record the ancient history of Druids.  And in his latter years he recorded all that he witnessed as a child in the 1830's and 40's.  This book is a journal by the author Dale Bertrand and his intuitive discoveries following up on Roberts writings.  It also illustrates a number of examples of illuminations done by Leo de Pasqua of these early writings.

In the 70's while watching my wife storytell to young children I decided that I had to allow my intuition out or I had to become more intuitive. Within months incredible things began to happen. In Feb '79 at a week long festival in Pasedena California I witnessed my one and only manifistation, that along with an incredible hour speaking with Dr David Davies from Wales inspired me to study the Druids. Five days later and 1500 miles from this event I was handed 120 year old writings on beautiful old parchment paper, the top one read 'Chief Festivals of the Druids' and the second 'The Gaelcerth or Bonfire at Halloween', my birthday. These were given to me by mother who inherited them from someone outside our family. She passed them on to me and for the last 28 years I have explored intuitively these writings referred to by the author, John Hugh Roberts, as the Stone Book of Knowledge, in Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, Peru and Mexico following up connections he makes in these writings. He spent the later part of his life writing down the stories and discoveries he made from the 1830's and 40's in Cornwall and Wales. A second publication 'The Stone Book of Knowledge' , a 256 handwritten document will be published shortly in 2010.