By Julie Grissom

Publisher : www.carnalpassions.com

ABOUT Julie Grissom

Julie Grissom
Julie says   "I live in the beautiful West End neighborhood ofVancouver, British Columbia, with one Afghan hound, 4 Siamese cats, and one husband, the latter whom I've kept around for nearly two decades. With more books in the works, I'm a very busy, very happy, woman."



Brett Sperry is a man with a mission--to find a missing VIP from his own time and place. Roxanne Frost, with her sexy dreams draw him in, threatening his ability to function as he must. When she's in his mind--truly in it--he can think of little else but having her, again and again and again. 

I've always loved romance and science fiction, so combining the two is a natural for me. I started writing Heated Dreams as a straight, contemporary romance then, as many of my writer friends had warned me could happen, the characters took over and wrote the story they wanted told. I've never had more fun out of bed then I did writing this book.