Joyous Becoming -- Blossoming Into Your True Potential

ABOUT Debra Emmanuelle

Debra Emmanuelle
Debra Emmanuelle has been actively and consciously teaching both youth and adults since 1977 upon receiving her B.S. degree in Education.  
Since then she has completed many other trainings and classes, including: Polarity Practitioner, RYSE Practitioner, (over 1000 hours of trai More...



 Each chapter in Joyous Becoming  is designed to support you in an ongoing progression along your own unique path, whatever that may be, wherever you are on that path.  As you read each successive chapter, contemplating the questions asked of you, you will begin to perceive a subtle, yet profound clearing of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies along with a simultaneous building, strengthening and balancing of all of the above.

Joyous Becoming      Blossoming into Your TruePotential




  As both your level of awareness and consciousness shifts with each chapter that you read, you will open more and more to the healing vibrations contained within the words, expanding your world as you see it as well as your role and your potential as an integral part of a greater whole.

By Debra Emmanuelle

This book is designed to take the hodge-podge of New Age information and synthesize it in a context within which you can actually improve the quality of your choices, ultimately improving the quality of your life.  Using a heightened level of discernment, you will begin to feel empowered to use your innate intuitive abilities to not only know what you are needing in any given moment, but to draw that quality to you effortlessly!

As we each take the initiative to re-member our own sacred perfection and then take ownership and responsibility for that sacred perfection, we begin to see that same sacred perfection in others.  As we begin to “see” each other as sacred, perfect beings, we will not only begin to re-member respect and reverence for that perfection, but we will also begin to create environments for each other, within which we may each effortlessly unfold, blossoming according to our Highest Blueprints.  This effortless unfolding is our Joyous Becoming!

THE BIRTHING PROCESS OF JOYOUS BECOMING The story of the process that lead to the “birthing” of Joyous Becoming, Blossoming into Your True Potential, is truly the story of my own, personal process of Joyous Becoming. Having begun my private practice in 1995, I began to notice that specific life issues would present themselves to me in clusters, through my clients. For example, for a period of several months, early on in my practice, it seemed that every woman who walked through my door was grappling with sexual abuse issues. Several of these women had developed either uterine or ovarian cancer as result of their ongoing struggles with this challenge. As I came to understand what was required for healing this type of wounding, transformations would unfold. Then the next thing I knew, another “issue” would repeatedly walk through my door until I learned to embrace that energy with compassionate, empathetic understanding and ultimate healing. At one point, about six years into my practice, I began to take on a number of clients who happened (?) to be pregnant. One of these clients had given birth to her baby and was truly suffering with post partum depression. One morning I woke up at 6:00 AM having been “downloaded” with what appeared to be the deepest level cause of this sometimes devastating condition. Not wanting to lose the momentum of the information that was swirling at lightning speed through my head, I grabbed the note pad I always kept on my nightstand and began to put it all down on paper. My initial thought was that this could be a powerfully healing workshop for pregnant women because it seemed quite clear to me that with this information, no woman would ever have to suffer from post partum depression again! Twenty pages later, as I laid down my pen to stretch the cramps out of my right hand, I heard a little chuckle in my head. This chuckle was followed by a voice, softly saying, “And you thought this was an outline for a class? This is just one of many chapters in your book!” Still sitting up in bed, I sat there for a few minutes in amazement, repeating to myself, “A book? A book???” Up until that moment I had no thoughts or intentions of writing a book, but from that moment on, words just kept coming until I had basically completed the book in approximately six months. Much of what you will read between these pages (and even between the lines!) are concepts that I processed as I wrote them. The words came to me effortlessly and I wrote them down with a level of fluidity that actually surprised me. As I went through the pages over and over editing and tweaking the material, I was able to take the words and concepts to deeper levels within myself. Though I understood the impact that they carried, it was not until I began to embody or become the truth between the lines of manuscript, that the book was truly complete. The experiences that I describe throughout this book, particularly in the chapter entitled, Finding the Gift in Adversity, un-benounced to me when they were all happening, were just part of my training and preparation for ultimately becoming the embodiment of the qualities necessary for awakening to my own Joyous Becoming. Writing and editing this book was an essential part of my fine-tuning process. There are not words to relate my depth of gratitude for each and every person and situation or set of circumstances that has “assisted” me in that training and fine-tuning, all along the way. I am also grateful and humbly honored to be able to share what I have learned in my process with each of you, that the Wisdom contained herein may support you in Becoming All that you are meant to Be! Blessings to All, Debra Emmanuelle