Total Healing to the Limits of Living: A Sourcebook for Awakening and Engaging the Healing Energies of the Tree of Life

Religion & Spirituality

By Caroline Sojourner

Publisher : Black Wolf Matrix

ABOUT Caroline Sojourner

Caroline Sojourner
My interest in healing began over thirty years ago when a health crisis caused by poor living habits launched me on a life-long journey of self-discovery and healing. I studied many forms of body work, remedial diets, and spiritualities. My primary teacher of body-centered therapeutic meth More...



Total Healing to the Limits of Living is a book for self-healers seeking personal and spiritual growth. It is particularly valuable for persons dealing with challenges such as illness or other adversity. The range of experience is comprehensive—the framework of the kabbalistic Tree of Life suggests that many areas of being and experience may be brought into balance by specific, appropriate healing practices. 

The book offers hope by showing explicit steps to take to remedy and overcome adversity by using it as an opportunity for further growth and discovery. Healing practices are drawn from the great wisdom of Yoga, Jewish mysticism, Taoism, Buddhism, contemporary transpersonal psychology, and body-centered awareness exercises. You will find here:

  • a clear description of the ten faces of the Tree of Life and how they affect the way we are in the world
  • healing practices for the Body; the Ego; the Awakening Self; the Soul; the transitional period known as the Abyss; the Spirit; and the Divine Self
  • tables for quick reference listing healing practices as they fit into the four worlds of experience—the physical, the psychological, the spiritual, and the divine worlds
  • a self-assessment quiz to suggest where one might begin the journey
  • lists of books for further reading at the end of each chapter, as well as a substantial bibliography and index

Among the dozens of practices described are:

  • breath work, drumming, brainwave entrainment, juicing and diet
  • qigong, foot and hand reflexology, dreams
  • catharsis, positive speech and imagery, affirmations
  • music, archetypes of mercy, generosity
  • metaphor, healing through brokenness, yelling at G-d
  • meditation, mudras, mandalas, labyrinth, prayer, sound vibration, and the power to bless

The book grew out of a long-term curiosity over what might have been happening while Moses was on the mountain, alone and fasting. This led me into the study of kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. I found that the paradigm of the Tree of Life fit the pattern of healing I had been following during many years of personal illness, though I had not realized that this was a well-known pattern, known since ancient times. My study of the Tree of Life included all the forms of natural physical healing which I have been researching and experimenting with for over thirty years.

“I am studying it like a student, marking the passages where I want to return to, for therapy, and am continually being amazed at what you have done!  I have to take it slow in order to really absorb every word . . . and the life lessons.” L. N.

“I find your book so grounding for me.” E. N.