The Little Universe

Religion & Spirituality

By Jason Matthews

Publisher : Jason Matthews

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Jason Matthews
I live in Truckee California with my lovely wife, Jana, and our beautiful daughters, Shelby and Devan. Jana teaches meditation and manifesting while I write novels about them. My books, The Little Universe and Jim's Life are spiritual journeys, excellent for book club discussions on a w More...


Rose Adams, spiritual scientist, bets her atheist husband she will convince him that some form of God must exist. The only problem; now she's dead.

Webster Adams, astronomer and inventor, carries out Rose's final project, the Universe Generator. If it works, it will house a self-contained miniature universe, a simulation of the Big Bang on a much smaller scale.

With the help of his handyman, Jon, and the project's central computer, Jim, they succeed in fulfilling Rose's dream. The little universe looks and acts exactly as their own, only tiny in comparison.

Whitney Adams, college aged daughter, and Frank Maxwell, project financier, join in the search for what lies inside. Aided by powerful cameras and the ability to accelerate the time flow within it, they explore for planets and for life. Before long they find life in abundance. It's primitive at first, but after accelerating it through eons of evolution they find places beyond their wildest dreams: worlds of advanced alien societies.

The project becomes an overnight goldmine. Frank exploits the new found aliens, selling advanced technology patents to the highest bidders. Conversely, Whitney seeks out the more nature-based societies within the project and becomes intrigued with one planet's people. The beings from Theta 7 are truly intriguing as they demonstrate the ability to heal by touch and seem to enjoy lifetimes that last hundreds, if not thousands, or years. As they meditate ritually, Whitney observes and sits in the lab room to meditate with them. In time, Whitney becomes a medium for their wisdom, channeling responses from a surprisingly knowledgeable source. They seem to know the answer to any possible question, including where to find the soul of Rose.

Subjects and themes include: reincarnation, past life recall, psychic connections, astral travel, artificial intelligence, spirituality, healing by touch, sexuality and more.

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As a kid I had an active imagination for stories that felt fun and important to share. At college I studied television and film at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and then moved to Los Angeles in 1991. During that time the idea for The Little Universe came to me. Like many of us, I pondered the meaning of life and our place in the grand scheme of things. I struggled with concepts of both religion and science, trying to figure out where the two fields might share a common ground. Eventually came the idea of a science experiment with a universe that is separate to our own. Then the questions began - What if you could study a universe and search throughout it for planets with life? What might you find with an entire cosmos at your fingertips? The more I thought of it... the more ideas came. In little time the idea was conceived and The Little Universe (originally titled The Big Bang: Notes from Looking Within) was born. Two screenplays, one novel, and over a decade later, my first story was out there. The sequel, Jim's Life, also excites me. It's about a boy who can see the luminous energy fields of people, chakras and auras, and he can also heal them. This story deals with the same thought process - What is it all about and what clues exist for us to see everyday? In all these stories, one theme is recurring. How can this help me or someone else connect with the higher consciousness? So, thanks for reading. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Reviews for The Little Universe and Jim's Life

"In my 67 years I`ve read literally thousands of books with only a few I enjoyed as much as The Little Universe."
Ken Cox, reader

"Wow, only had to read two pages to be totally hooked. What an awesome book! Being an avid fan of Edgar Cayce as well as Einstein - this is a book I am reading again with my 13 year old son. It is the quintessential question - who is 'creating' with us and what is really important in life? I want everyone in my life to read this."
Kathe Wilson, reader

"Matthews is not a flowery writer, but he reveals himself as a master storyteller. Any reader who picks up this book will be hard pressed to put it down."
Thomas Anthony Longo, editor: Music City Computer News

"Inspirational, moving, thought provoking, fantastic! I laughed, I cried, I could barley stop reading. A work on par with the greats of the genre.
Ron Britton, reader

"The combination of finding truth behind Christ's teaching and "new age" spiritual components like chakras, past lives and meditation makes for a very interesting, easy to read novel."
Karen Robertson, author of Treasure Kai

"I am most impressed with the philosophical and theological understandings in Jim's Life. The issues raised provide a stimulus for all kinds of discussions."
Dr. Sterling Hennis, professor of English UNC-Chapel Hill

"Matthews is an extraordinary story teller. This is so compelling, unfolds so well and builds to an amazing climax. I'm in awe at the creativity, heart and soul."
Kaye Shackford, author of Charting a Wiser Course

"Jim's Life isn't just a novel; it opens your mind to amazing possibilities while merging religious beliefs into one universal message. Bravo! I already miss the characters and still want more.
Morgan Shamy, author of Shadow Watchers

"I've read this book and it is, in a word, AWESOME! The idea is very intriguing; the characters are so well developed that by the end of the book you will feel as though you've made new friends. There is also a deeply spiritual feeling to the book and when you finish it, you will be left with wanting more."
Kerry Dennis, author of In Less Than a Second

"I have read at a minimum 2000 books in my life and this is only the 2nd time I have written the author. The Little Universe was fantastic. I could not put it down from beginning to end."

Brad Sandler, reader


"It's been a very, very long time since I've read a book that drew me in like this one. I can honestly say I didn't want it to end. Very well written, great story. It is not a "preachy" book, but really puts out some wonderful food for thought."

K. Holmes, from her Amazon review

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