PurposeFull You: You Are Full Of Great Purpose

ABOUT Shalonda Treasure Williams

Shalonda Treasure Williams
Savannah Georgia native Shalonda "Treasure" Williams has decided to break out. As the youngest of eleven siblings, Shalonda determines to bring a message of encouragement and motivation. Living life with a cap of purpose to help push others into the "GO" (Get Over) More...


PurposeFull You is a compact book with a powerful message. You are full of great purpose! Words that are powerful enough in themselves. This book is a friend to friend conversation between Author Shalonda "Treasure" Williams and You! 52 pages of motivation and encouragement for you to Know that you are full of purpose right where you are!

There are so many who do not believe that they are purposed to do a great thing. I believe that everyone something to bring to the table of life. I believe that we are all created with purpose and that no purpose is greater than the other; just different platforms. I wanted to have a little chat; a friend to friend conversation that would allow others to feel my heart on the matter. You are purpose! You are important right where you are! You are to be a blessing to another! If you weren't there to do what you do, then the program wouldn't be complete! You Are Full Of Great Purpose!

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading PurposeFull You! I found reading PurposeFull You like speaking with a wise friend who knows me very well. I experienced many "Aha" moments while reading this compact and easily read book. I continue to be inspired by it's contents. One point that pushed a "go button" for me was that one of the biggest stumbles we make is being convinced to wait for another time to do what we love. It is today that holds the most power... this very moment. You'll just have to read PurposeFull You if you'd like more!"

-Asante George, Editor of Divine Revolution Magazine

"Shalonda’s Goodreads book description reads as “In PurposeFull You, you are encouraged to look at yourself as being FULL OF GREATNESS! Does it matter what anyone said? It doesn't. This book is compact in size but packs a powerful punch into the gut of naysayers.”

I much agree with this! Living a purpose life, doesn't mean we are perfect, nor do we have all the answers. In PurposeFull You, Shalonda takes on a journey filled with strong elements of: inspiration, motivation, and encouragement."

-Vanessa Richardson, Author of Love Found Me

"Shalonda Williams has been blessed with a great insight to the human purpose. So many of us have no idea of why we are here, whether it might be for a reason, or for just a season, many are satisfied to merely attempt to 'bloom where they are planted.'"


"Not so much a motivational how-to but more a motivational start-to. The book gives a religious and personal perspective on Williams part that is very personable. It includes thought provoking questions for Journaling that will set you in the right direction for self motivation and contemplation. What I enjoyed best was that Williams didn't promote what TO think but simply to THINK."

-Christy Stewart, Author of Familiar Scars