Fully Alive: Awakening Health, Humor, Compassion and Truth

ABOUT Louise LeBrun

Louise LeBrun
Louise LeBrun - Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute and creator of the WEL-Systems® approach to profound and generative change – is an original, compelling and provocative thinker, speaker, writer, educator and coach.  “The greatest leaps in my own evolution have come from my willin More...


This 3rd Edition is an expanded and updated version of the original. The book that offered a powerful new paradigm for human potential now also reflects the experience, wisdom and growth of the author and those courageous souls who have been willing to press the edges of their own evolution.

Fully Alive has grown in many ways – in its clarity of expression; in the size of its intention and the message it carries; and in its invitation for you to accelerate the path of your own awakening. In a rapidly changing world, how we used to do it is no longer big enough, fast enough or courageous enough to pave the way for redesigning ourselves and our lives.

Life is a choice. Choosing to read Fully Alive is a choice you’ll long value and appreciate for how it changes your life!

Fully Alive awakens body, mind and soul to a refreshing world view that: - Puts the responsibility and the power back where it belongs – with each of us as an individual - Demonstrates that we are not victims, nor are we helpless and at the mercy of ‘the system’ - Strips away the illusions that prevent us from being willing to do more than just talk about it - Identifies the habits of thought that prevent us from taking action in our own lives - Provides the tools that will make a difference in the quality of our work/life This 3rd Edition is a compelling, up-to-date expression of what's possible when one human being decides to design his/her own life - and engage!

"..a remarkable exploration into our ordinary lives in an extraordinary and transformative way."  Lynn Andrews author of Medicine Woman

"I've just completed the book, and 'WOW' comes to mind... Although you say about 40% new content, it feels like more... Unbelievable what reading this has done for me..."

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