War Written Words:Book 2

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kg cummings
 kgcummings (April 11, 1949 - ) born Kathy Ann Cummings in Oswego, New York to parents Raymond E. and Gertrude Kathryn DeSantis Cummings.
Her first novel, The Wind Whispers War, was self published in 2006. It was soon followed by several more novels to continue the historical romanc More...



War Written Words: Book Two is an epistolary narrative between the Madison's documenting his time in the Nam, and his wife and child back home on the farm.

Brother against Brother, brings to mind the War Between the States. World War One, was called the War to End All Wars, and the Great War, until the Big One. World War Two. The Forgotten War? Korea. Yet, never to be forgotten is Viet Nam, the Hated War. In spite of cries for peace and love, Viet Nam became the war fought in living rooms across America. The mid 1960's saw the beginning of changes in attitudes that would trigger social unrest. Two people, one love, separated by time and distance with a despised war on one side, and growing protests to make love, not war on the other. The epistolary War Written Words is in the form of a series of letters exchanged by the characters, Jeff and Beth Madison during his tour of duty in South East Asia, with the exception of the three chapters at the end.

Kathy has the ability to incorporate her inner feelings with surrounding reality, get it on paper and bring it to life. In her second book of letters, I was blown away by the reality that recounted exactly what my wife and I talked about while I was in "NAM". I look forward to her next book.

Phil ~ Florida

The letters took me right back to the moments I lived during that time and made me think of things I hadn’t thought of – or didn’t want to think of – for many years.

Steve ~ Florida