The Silver and the Cross


By Kathleen Mulroy

Publisher : Comfort Publishing

ABOUT Kathleen Mulroy

Kathleen Mulroy
A former Californian, I have been living for the past five years in beautiful North Idaho with my husband and teenage son.  I love to – not necessarily in this order! -  write; kayak; walk my dog; cuddle with my cat; read voraciously; cook; eat; travel; talk with my wonderful son; spen More...


In 1890, after moving to the rough-and-ready silver mining town of Wallace, Territory of Idaho with her minister father, Leora Brown is captivated by handsome mining foreman Edward Lycroft.  The cultured Englishman is equally swept away by the lovely and spirited young woman.  But despite their mutual attraction, Leora despairs of finding happiness with a man who doesn't share her beliefs.  Can they find their way to love?  It will take more than one brush with tragedy to answer that question.

I fell in love with the charming historical silver-mining town of Wallace, north Idaho, and knew I wanted to write a series of books set in Wallace, in different time periods. This was my first romance, published in April, 2010. "Violet's Victory", not yet published, is my second, and the third book, to be set in 1910, is a work in progress. (The Silver and the Cross)