Soul Evolution with Zarathustra: Wisdom for 2012

ABOUT Carolyn Cobelo

Carolyn Cobelo
Carolyn Cobelo is a highly regarded healer, channel, and spiritual teacher who is the founder and president of Akasha Entertainment, the world's premiere metaphysical media company dedicated to expanding consciousness. In addition to founding two metaphysical film festivals, Carolyn has wr More...



Soul Evolution with Zarathustra is a book of channeled material from spiritual visionary Carolyn Cobelo that is a hopeful, inspirational offering to the world in the time of the 2012 Shift.  Let the joyous vibration of the spirit of Zarathustra, a revered Iranian prophet, wash over you and learn to pass through the spiritual transition with wisdom and grace.   You'll learn about DNA, Karma, Angels, Spirit Guides, manifesting, how to overcome the shadow, how to clear your energy field, and much more in page-after-page of delightful, blissful spiritual GOLD.   Let the process of your soul evolution begin.....

Visionary spiritual teacher Carolyn Cobelo has helped thousands of people all over the world connect to their Highest Selves. The author of four books, Carolyn is now located in Carmel, California, and is the Founder and Director of Akasha Entertainment, LLC, a company devoted to uplifting consciousness through films, festivals, and cutting-edge media. She developed the world's first metaphysical board game, "Avalon: Temple of Connection." Carolyn's mission is to support the demand for truth that is increasing on Earth and to help us pass easily through the transformation of the planet during the 2012 shift. As a spiritual pioneer, Carolyn has been at the forefront of consciousness for decades, and has been channeling 2012 material from her beloved spiritual guides, Mother Mary, and Zarathustra, since the mid 1980's. She has led sacred pilgrimages to Mayan Temples and holy sites worldwide for over 20 years; and has written the book "The Power of Sacred Space: Exploring Ancient Ceremonial Sites' which has been a consistent seller worldwide for the last decade.

Like having a personal guide to hidden spiritual realities of which few people are aware." 
- Dennis William Hauck, bestselling author of The Emerald Tablet, Alchemy for Personal Transformation.

"Brings the unseen into focus, and the unknown into awareness."
- Max Highstein,
author of Intuition Retreat, and bestselling new-age music composer.