The Metaphysical Tarot Workbook

Religion & Spirituality

By Charles Silver Crow

Publisher : Chris Anderson

ABOUT Charles Silver Crow

Charles Silver Crow
Part Native American and part Scandinavian/Celtic mix, the world of the white man knows him as Charlie. His Native American name is Sanyasuk Andekshkwe in the Algonquin language of his ancestors (Potawatomi)... or Silver Crow, as his family and friends know him. Writer, artist and mys More...



The Metaphysical Tarot Workbook is a concise and accessible introduction to reading the Tarot cards that continues to evolve with the individual. Designed to be to the point, it also imparts profound and eternal spiritual truths. This is a book that's a handy reference, a contemplative reflection on life's journey and a continuing source of inspiration for the spiritual seeker.

Intuitive Chris Anderson (also known as N’got M’kwan [Onefeather], his Potawatomi name) first began reading the Tarot in 1969... having returned from service in Viet Nam and preparing to reengage in American life. Picking up the cards and allowing his connection to Higher Source be the guiding force, he simply allowed himself to become absorbed in the stream of consciousness that flows through his life and the lives of those around him. Having been raised in a Native American as well as the mainstream culture, Onefeather was well aware of the forces of the Divine and trusted that Source to guide his interaction with the cards. Over the years he has been a patient source of support for all those who came to him seeking insights and information to help understand and transform their life. Now, forty years later, the wealth of experience and illumination that he has collected over time is available to the seeker on the journey to inner realization and awakening... having written a book that is filled with information and insight, humor and wisdom. The ruminations on the cards and his wit and acceptance of life on all levels brings the reader to new levels of perspective and self-acceptance. This is a book that is to the point, concise and a continuing source of reference for all levels of Tarot reading, a true gift to everyone who wishes to evolve with the coming times of awakening.