LiveLove Laugh at the Top Mount Kilimanjaro

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ThreeLLL LiveLoveLaugh
ThreeLLL’s Success Three active and successful Perth Women have combined forces to write a book that holds the secret to change and a life more meaningful.

Inspired by their own varied and rich business and life experiences, authors Janette Philp, Michelle Ferry, and Terri Gib More...



This is the first and only book ever written by a group of Conquerors, whilst they were climbing Africa's highest mountain - Mount Kilimanjaro.

- A heart-felt read
- Open honest accounts of emotional experiences
- Stories as they occur, on the trek, at the top
- Emotively from the heart

Glimpse personal journeys, told from gripping versions of self-discovery, heartaches, disappointments, fatigue, altitude sickness and exhaustion all in the aim to achieve life long dreams.

Experience the emotions through the eyes of amateur Conquerors their stresses, anxieties and new experiences. These led to greater leadership, resulting in mastery and personal achievement in life.

Discover their heightened awareness, their tolerances and their greater appreciations.