Too Simple To Believe: The Raw Details Straight from the Male Mind

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Christopher Dallas

Publisher : Christopher Dallas

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Christopher Dallas
Author name: Christopher Dallas



Ladies, has it been two seconds since the last time you and a female friend tried, once again, to comprehend men? Imagine how much better that conversation would have gone with your friend if you both had insider information on:
• What drives men to want quantities of women, not simply qualities in a woman?
• How men physically “see” women. How we see YOU!
• Why you may attract the men that you do.
• How can you be sure a man really likes you?
• Is it ever too early or too late to “give it up”?
• What motivates men to be faithful or cheating?
Guys, you know those conversations we have when women aren’t listening. Do you think they’ll believe us if I tell them? The examples and stories are so raw, so real you’ll be falling out of your bar-stool or barber-shop chair with laughter. Along the way, we’ll all come to a greater understanding of the opposite sex.

Three hours into last night’s happy hour, I struck up a conversation with the mixed-gender group of folks next to us. Quickly, we all dove into conversation on the familiar, hot-button topic of women versus men in outlooks on sex & dating. One of the guys in their group (whom I had never met before in my life) was not only agreed with all the guys’ points of view, he frequently doubled over laughing. He and I then specifically asked two ladies in the group to scan the entire room. There were approximately one hundred total women in the bar. We wanted these two ladies to literally point out women that we two guys would not sleep with, if somehow those ladies made themselves available to either of us at end of the evening. The two ladies quickly and correctly eliminated the obvious choices which was great - but not the point. The fact that they failed to realize that some women’s poor fashion choices – at least in their eyes - would not rule them out as sex options is not the point either. In fact, the full point we’re trying to make didn’t occur from the analysis of any specific woman in that bar. The point is, I had only met this guy minutes before yet he and I saw the same physical qualities in every woman. The two women making choices based on their opinions instead of our opinions attempted to argue us guys down. There were a handful of women in the bar that they thought we should see in the same light as they did.

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