Speed Limits to a No Smoking Zone

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Berthony Bien-Aime
About the Author: Berthony Bien-Aime, RN, BSN, says, “When I first entered the hospital setting, in spite of their diagnosis or their dependence on using an oxygen tank, the patients always tried to find a way to go under the smoking patio to have a cigarette,” adding, “In the latt More...



Seven years in the making,

Speed Limits to a

No Smoking Zone

is an inspiration for those

who thought there was no way to quit


This self-help guide teaches you how to

moderately wean yourself from cigarettes

without using any commercial products. Its

five easy concepts will help smokers become

nonsmokers by slowly tapering off their habit.

For every product used to quit smoking, there

is some sort of side effect, but not with this

book. If you’re truly serious about quitting,

join the

No Smoking Zone!

About 10% of the population has been successful in quitting cigarette smoking. For the other 90% of unsuccessful people, this may be the solution for you.