Safe in His Arms

Family & Relationships, Romance, Christian Books

By Tierra Allen

Publisher : Prettier~N~Person Creations

ABOUT Tierra Allen

Tierra Allen
Tierra Allen is the newest addition to the literary arena, she unapologetically fuses entertaining prose with real life situations. The Oklahoma-native's first novel, Safe in His Arms debuted in May 2010. When she's not writing or running her editing business, Prettier~N~Person Creations, More...



Who says your EX can’t be your NEXT?

Definitely not Counselor, Tyran Brooks.

Tyran Brooks– Is a beautiful, caring woman wanting nothing more than to pick up the pieces of her shattered dreams and broken heart. In the midst of struggling with a breakup she never wanted, her ex slides back into her life confessing his undying love. Having walked this path before, Tyran is torn. Does she risk a second duel with love or fight the urge and walk away?

Julian Carter– Is a man who knows what he wants... or so he thinks. After ending his relationship with Tyran and searching for his image of perfection to no avail, he’s left with more than he bargained for but none of what he wants. Julian is willing to risk his worldly possessions to recover his true gem...Tyran. But after the mockery he made of their relationship will love be enough to save their union?

When Tyran and Julian decide to go “all or nothing,” they learn it’s not what you say and do that break a bond, but what you don’t say and don’t do that etch cracks in the hearts of the ones you love. With their pasts behind them, Tyran’s ready to move forward with her God-send, until incident after incident reveals their safety net has major holes in it. Determined to be a beacon of light and a consistent support to her man, Tyran may need a lighthouse and rescue team of her own, when it’s all said and done.

Do the two have what it takes to steer their love in the right direction or will they sail apart?

Love, Laughter, Heartbreak and Reconciliation. Tyran & Julian are two people who are definitely meant to be together, the only problem is Julian didn't recognize that at the right time. After breaking Tyran's heart with his unjustified split, he comes back around, hoping that she'll see past his ignorance and into his heart. Will she give him another chance? Tyran is a beautiful, down-to-earth woman, who loves hard. She's taking strides to move forward after the devastating heartbreak she encountered with Julian. She's making great progress until his persistence to win her back leaves her straddling the fence. She should give him a second chance or hold his past against him? You'll laugh, cry, get angry, gasp and when it's all said and done, you'll be Safe in His Arms!

"Finished! Bra-freakin-vo, girl! I didn't want to put it down. Even picked it up at 3 a.m. when I fed the kid." S. Moses, Oklahoma City, OK

"The characters were well-balanced, the guy didn't seem feminine. The perspective was really good. I enjoyed it." Dale R., Oklahoma City, OK

"I think the book is a great write. I enjoyed the book. You didn't drag it out, you got to the point right away, and I liked that!" Deborah, Book Club President, Houston, TX

"It’s an easy read but it’s still very creative. It’s a real book. It painted the picture very well. I believed in their love and wanted to see them make it." Toya C., Augusta, GA