Golf Sense:Practical Tips On How To Play Golf In The Zone

ABOUT Roy Palmer

Roy Palmer
Author and Alexander Technique Teacher

I am a teacher of The Alexander Technique and teach sports people how to move in a way that improves performance and reduces the risk of injury.

I've written three books to date on the subject of sports performance and 'The Zone' More...


Want to play golf like you can in your head?

So what’s stopping you?

Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with your ability. What’s preventing you playing to your true potential is something you may never have considered; it’s habit. Habits determine everything you do and yet most golfers remain oblivious to their influence. These innovative techniques will help you breakthrough the performance-limiting habits that have been holding you back.

You’ll learn how to -

1) Eradicate those annoying mistakes - more easily than you could ever have imagined

2) Prevent injury by improving strength and coordination

3) Become a more consistent golfer

4) Simplify your golf

Using these simple, practical exercises you’ll discover how to use your mind and body to get into The Zone, the ultimate state in which to play – and take your game to levels beyond your expectations.


It was a golfer from Australia who put the idea into my head to write this book. He contacted me after reading my second book, 'Zone Mind, Zone Body' to say how much it had helped his golf. That book wasn't specifically about golf but he found the techniques I'd used to 'get into The Zone' changed the way he played golf - for the better :0) I'd taught a few golfers in my role as a teacher of The Alexander Technique, a remarkable movement re-education method, to help with reducing injury and realized just how many golfers make it harder than it really needs to be. The techniques in this book are the result of working with many golfers of all abilities and will show you how to become a more consistent, accurate and powerful player by eradicating poor habits you may not even notice. Feedback so far has been very encouraging and I hope you will find it just as beneficial to your game.

"I love this book and have used the author's suggestions with my students (and on myself) with great success. Over the years I believe I've tried and read everything about golf. This is something new. I'm reading the book again now for the 2nd time.

This material helps you free your mind. That's something I've been trying to get across to students for years. This book has given me the language and tools to express that. The terminology found here is very helpful and it's reinvigorated my teaching and my game. Every golfer should read this book."
Dan Gensamer, Par Tee Driving Range. West Columbia, S.C.

"The techniques in Golf Sense helped me eliminate frustration and confusion from my game. The simple tips on how to focus will make you aware of things you don't actually have to do. For example, many players tighten their jaw and grip before the shot. However, when they stop doing these things, they feel more in control of the shot. Golf Sense bridges the gap between idea and practice by giving practical examples of how to attain the `state' called The Zone. And golf seems so much simpler when you're in it! Excellent book - I'd recommend it to all golfers."
Andrew Neil, Australia

"Roy Palmer has created a valuable resource for all golfers. No matter what your skill level is, you can not fail to benefit from Roy's advice. I recommend this book to anyone, beginner or pro, who wants to give their game a mental boost."
David Balbi, 1999 NCPGA Teacher of the Year

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