The Disciple; The Writing of the First Gospel

ABOUT Ronald Way

Ronald Way
RONALD WAY Ronald Way is a man of many parts, many skills, and many accomplishments. He is one of those rare individuals who seem to be able to do many things, and do them all well. The Disciple is only the latest in a lifelong series of successes for the author. Way’s life story begin More...


As strange as it might seem to modern man, God is present, Jesus did walk amongst us, and miracles still occur. If you have ever wondered what it was like to live at the time of Jesus, prepare yourself, you are about to live it through the eyes of someone who was there.

On a hot California afternoon, Ronald Way was struck by a blinding light. In that light, Jesus appeared and asked if he would give up everything and move away to write a story about a memory that would be awakened from within. That journey sent him halfway around the world to the Holy City of Jerusalem and then to the banks of the Nile. There he was confronted by a vision that sent him tumbling back 2,000 years to the time of Jesus of Galilee. Then, in the body of the old man named Asher ben Ammi, he was to sit on the roof of his home looking down on the Temple to pen the first gospel ever written about the man he considered to be his friend and the Messiah, Jeshua ben Joseph—Jesus.

For two thousand years the contents of that manuscript have remained hidden—until now. Here then is the story of Asher ben Ammi—The Disciple. 

Join the author on a journey back in time as he shares his remembrances of a life long gone, but never forgotten.