A Brief History Of The Incas : From Rise Through Reign To Ruin

Science & Technology, Travel

By Brien Foerster

Publisher : Hidden Inca Tours

ABOUT Brien Foerster

Brien Foerster
I was born in Minnesota, U.S.A. and raised on the west coast of Canada. There I fell in love with the oral traditions and art of the Haida people. I began carving at the age of 12, and became a professional sculptor at 25.

When I was 35 I moved to Hawaii, and assisted in the co More...


     The main purpose of this book is to give an overview, concise yet thorough, of the origin of the Inca Civilization, its achievements and splendour, and the reasons why it was overtaken and destroyed by a relatively small group of Spanish soldiers of fortune.

     The majority of early written accounts of the history and culture of the Inca have been penned by people of European ( mainly Spanish ) origin, and Peruvian Native and/or Mestizo ( mixed blood ) who were heavily influenced, one might even say corrupted and censored, by the Spanish establishment; both church and state.

     As the old saying goes, history is written by the winners.

          As the Inca had no written form of history, most of the information in his book has been gleaned from the so-called winners perspective. However, some of the oral traditions have been written down, and have been included as much as possible.

I have always loved learning the oral traditions of the Native people wherever I have traveled and lived. On my first and subsequent trips to Peru, I was never able to find a good, economically priced book in English that told the story of the Inca. Therefore, after researching the subject, I decided to write one.

Famous authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have both read my book. As have David Hatcher Childress, Klaus Dona, and Richard C. Hoagland.