Women For All Seasons

ABOUT Angela Joseph

Angela Joseph
Angela is a writer of Christian fiction and non-fiction as well as articles dealing with health, fitness and education. Her work has been published in A Cup of Comfort for Mothers, and a number of online sites.  Angela's first Christian non-fiction book, Women For All Seasons will be rel More...


The Bible tells us there is a time for everything. As a woman you experience different seasons in life - single and glowing, married and growing, widowed and grown. The changes that come with each season may delight, frustrate or even scare you, but God is always in control. He has a plan for your life and wants to use you right where you are. Women For All Seasons gives powerful insights into Biblical stories that will help you trust God, regardless of the season you are in, and grow in your Christian faith.

Women For All Seasons is based on the stories of twelve of the most popular women of the Bible, but it is not another "women of the Bible" book. It goes much deeper to into the lives of these women, giving modern-day applications to the way they confronted their issues. Some of them trusted God and some doubted Him and took matters into their own hands. Hannah trusted God and remained faithful to Him when she finally conceived and gave birth to a son. Not knowing whether she would have another child, she gave the child back to God just as she had promised. Her faithfulness ended her season of barrenness and she went on to have three more sons and two daughters. Sarah, on the other hand, could not wait on God to give her the promised son, so she gave her maid to her husband Abraham so she could have a child through her. That turned out to be a big mistake which has repercussions for us even to today. Reading this book will make you fall in love with the Bible and bring you into a closer relationship with its Author.

Practical Applications
This down-to-earth look at some of the women in Scriptures gives modern women helpful perspectives about how to handle daily struggles. Recommended for anyone who want a no-nonsense, simple yet deep look at familiar characters from the pages of the Bible. The author clearly has a great respect for Scripture's authority and a helpful approach to applying its truths to our lives. - Sarah Wells
A well-seasoned perspective
This book is not a theological work, but is a practical tool for real people with real problems. It gives the reader a fresh viewpoint of some biblical characters, enabling the reader to see them as they truly were -- real women in real-life situations. By noting how these women responded to their crises, today's women can learn practical ways to deal with whatever might be happening in their own lives. - Craig Anderson 

Angela writes with a gentle, chatty style, and though this book is simple, it's not shallow. The author has a wisdom that comes from experience, a love for the Lord, and the belief that the scriptures are true and relevant for this generation.