Play Fling

Humor, Romance

By Amber Scott

Publisher : Tholden Press

ABOUT Amber Scott

Amber Scott
In between naptimes and laundry, Amber Scott writes romance in various sub-genres including paranormal and erotica. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno and a Nevada native, she now makes her home in the Southwest with her husband and children. She knew she wanted to be an author  More...



Face Your Target... Brooke Munkle didn't leave a lukewarm marriage just to flounce into the first hot bed. Too young, too hot, Elliott Jovovich has no business distracting her from starting over. If only he'd get out of her fantasies. Maybe if she keeps things simple, she can allow herself one naughty indulgence. After all, who will know?

Pull The String... Elliott sees through Brooke's stiff facade. Underneath her struggle to hold it all together, a vibrant, wanton woman is waiting to be freed. To win her heart, he'll play by her rules, which would be a a lot easier if her hostile best friend didn't fight so dirty. Sure, he has ammo of his own, but what he knows could hurt Brooke.

Steady. Aim. Release... Millie Match isn't sure what she did to deserve this matchmaking hell. The sneaking around, the spying, compatibility issues, chemistry crises. Her target, Brooke, is keeping secrets. Elliott is definitely Mr. Wrong. And if Millie doesn't make true love magic now, she'll lose the one thing in this punishment worth fighting for.

My favorite show growing up was Quantum Leap. Millie in Play Fling has a lot in common with that show's hero, Sam. She's trying to get back home. The major difference is, she is terrible at her new matchmaking position. Oh, and, rather than it being an experiment gone wrong, the whole cupid deal is Millie's punishment. Brooke and Elliott's story arrived in my heart before Millie came along. Brooke needs to be freed from her concerns about appearances and assumptions, to be loved for herself. And there is no better man than dead sexy Elliott to spin her off her well laid plans and into his arms. I wrote this with my two kids, then toddlers, literally hanging from each leg, standing at my breakfast bar.

4 cups! 4 cups! 4 cups!

Coffee Time Romance gave Play Fling a 4 cups review!!

Venus said, "...feel as if Ms. Match has become part of my life, and I cannot wait to see what she gets up to next. The plot is well paced and the dialogue is clever and charming. This is an amusing read for those who like a dash of magic and playfulness in their romances."

5 Book Review Too!

Long and Short Reviews gave Play Fling a 5 Book review!

"Her dialogue excites and informs us as we keep turning pages to find out what happens next. Her protagonists are very well thought out characters and she makes us hurt with them when they falter and cheer them when they triumph." -Larkspur