Saving Nathaniel


By Blue Quill Books

Publisher : Taylor Street Publishing

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Nathaniel is treading an emotional knife-edge and the abyss is beckoning. Can empathetic newcomer Megan bring some kind of balance before he falls, or is it already too late?

** Contains some strong language, sexual scenes and mildly scary dream sequences. **

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Sometimes men can't cope with grief. They muddle through as if everything is okay, when really it isn't. Sometimes all they need is a gentle touch, a kind word or even a quiet presence...this is what happens when that need is fulfilled.

From Saving Nathaniel's comments box...

Jillian you have got me into serious trouble with my wife! I told her five hours ago that I was just going to skim through Saving Nathaniel before taking her shopping.
Being a bloke I couldn't possibly get engrossed in a 'woman's' book, could I?
Totally and utterly absorbing, I have read it all and I am still enthralled.
Beautiful story, beautifully written and firmly on my bookshelf. Thank you.

Phil Bottomley ~ Author: Danny Murphy
*  *  *

Excellent writing! Generally, I am not fond of long spates of dialogue, but this was different. Two high powered individuals bantering gruffly, each trying to push the envelope and yet mind some semblance of protocol. It was very well done and quite enjoyable in an understated way.
I thought the story was an interesting study on how uptight a person can get, whilst trying to hide from life's turmoil and
how personally destructive it can be. Your very apt descriptive writing depicts the slow unraveling of Nat and how underneath it all, he desperately wants to cling to Megan's sense of stability. The story moves at a good clip, but the reader becomes anxious for Nat to address the changes that he must inevitably make in order to take back his life, and not just work through the days like an emotionally lost ghost.
I wish you the best of luck on a speedy trip to success.
Dawn De Remer ~ Author

*  *  *

Have to say this is my kind of book. Having grabbed every spare minute to sit and read over the past few days (and, love my work as I do, even begrudging going in) I have just read the last page.
Well written, I lost myself in the characters as you have bought them to life so well.
Gladly backed with pleasure and good luck.
Lizzie Scott :-)