Live Cheap and Free! Strategies to Thrive in Tough Economic Times

Business, Money & Investing, Reference

By Kelly Wilson

Publisher :, Incorporated

ABOUT Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson is an author and comedian who entertains and inspires with stories of humor, healing, and hope. She is the author of Live Cheap and Free and Don’t Punch People in the Junk.  Her latest book, Caskets From Costco, is a finalist in the 18th annual Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB  More...


Live Cheap and Free! Strategies to Thrive in Tough Economic Times provides guidance for consumers to take inventory of their money habits, make financial goals, track spending, maintain a reasonable budget, manage coupons for maximum savings, find bargains in their local communities, and develop an online collection of resources for coupons, deals and free products.

Writing professionally began for me in 2002. As an elementary school teacher, I decided to pursue writing for children. If you’re an author pursuing traditional publication, then you know the determination required to achieve it. My writing career expanded beyond writing for children, and throughout the submissions, rejections, and publishing successes, I quit my teaching job. My husband and two children, however, still needed to eat and we only had one income. I spent a year perfecting a variety of strategies to help save money, keep us completely out of debt, and find the best deals on items we used on a regular basis. I had many conversations with people who asked me how I saved so much money, allowing my family to thrive on one income. During these conversations, I felt frustrated because there was so much information that I couldn’t communicate just in a conversation. After one of these encounters, I went to sleep that night, only to wake up a few hours later and think I am a writer, I could write about it. So that’s what I did! And instead of playing the Submit-Wait-Rejection game with traditional publishing houses and editors, I chose to self-publish my book through Booklocker, a reputable self-publishing company.

This little book is a marvel. Kelly Wilson has done a wonderful job of bringing together tons of money-saving tips and ideas that are realistic and workable. I have never really couponed before because it seemed like it took a lot of effort for not much reward, but after reading this book, I have found ways to save money on most of the things I purchase. Her tips on credit, on how and when to buy, and saving money in general have been very helpful to me. But the very best thing has been to discover the huge variety of ways that I can manage my money to get more of what I want without going into debt. Read the book and her blog, and learn how to save more than you can imagine. I am and I love it. EJ Essic, Palmer, AK

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