Take control of your pain

ABOUT Lesley Galston

Lesley Galston
New to world of ebooks but on a huge upward learning curve. My experience is in health matters, including mangement of pain, cholestrol, diabetes and heart disease. Hence my 1st ebook is about the management of pain. Take Control of your pain


A how to ebook for you to download and gain control of your pain, anything from that headache to back pain to cancer pain, you can be in control. If you suffer from pain this is the book for you.

When I first choose to specialise in the study of pain as part of my degree in Nursing, my daughter sports teacher on hearing what I was studing, said " Pain ouch it hurts, thats all you need to now". although it provided a giggle for alot of people Pain is a miserable part of thier lives. They wake in the morning with it, if they are lucky gain some relief through movement and medication and generally go to bed in pain and uncomfortable. I know I have been there. As I explain in my book Pain is very individual, nobody has pain like you do even if they have a similar condition. The reson I wrote this book was to aid people in pain gain control, by having a handle on it, confidence grows and it can be a better brighter day.

Take Control of Your Pain is a guide for anyone suffering from pain, be it acute, chronic, post-operative, emotional, joint pain, or something else.

As the title suggests, the emphasis is very much on 'taking control' of your pain and working collaboratively with your medical practitioner to manage and relieve it.

The manual has a strongly practical approach, with checklists and exercises to set you thinking about the nature of your pain and how best to deal with it. But there is also plenty of advice on drugs, diet, lifestyle, and so on, all written in Lesley's chatty, friendly style.

If you suffer from any sort of pain, this manual - written by a nurse with over 25 years' experience - will help you understand and deal with it, and guide you towards a happier and hopefully pain-free life.
A Review by Nick Daws author of 10 day ebook.