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Have you feared you would never know why you are here? If so, you are not alone a Gallup poll has determined that one of people’s greatest fears is to die having lived a meaningless life. With passion and grace, author Earma Brown declares there’s no better place to look for answers than the Bible. She uncovers a biblical trail of 7 strategies to becoming an extraordinary woman using ordinary tools. Her book Women of Worth will help you live a life full of meaning while understanding how to:

• Avoid the mistakes forever caused by low self-esteem.
• Overcome an enemy called insignificance.
• Defeat the dream assassins sent to kill your spirit and your dreams.
• Unlock the potential that many never tap into.
• Gain a sense of destiny that will change your life.

The Desire for a Bright Future!

“Father God has put in each of us as a seed, the desire for a bright future,” explains Earma. “I have designed the book to hopefully position the reader to receive God’s plans to satisfy that longing for purpose and destiny.” Start your journey today using the 7 strategies of purpose in everything you do and experience the joy of becoming an extraordinary woman using ordinary tools.

Thank you for showing interest in my book. I’m so excited that it’s finally here. This brain child felt so ready to be birthed. You mothers know what I’m talking about…Anyway, I am a victorious ex-battered wife, who stands upon the God-given platform of my past proclaiming the gospel of God’s grace to women of any background with any struggle. I developed the Women of Worth book from a Bible study I originally wrote for battered women re-building their self image and life in God. I taught this study for class sessions in the Texas prison system and later in my local church. I believe the principles God gave me to think right about myself and connect with my own destiny will apply to anyone desiring to live victoriously in Christ with strong identity and purpose. Therefore, part one of the book’s theme has become Women Encouraging Women to Victory and Destiny. The chapters have been designed to leave every reader with a sense of destiny that will help her fulfill her God-given purpose. In addition, part one’s study uncovers a trail of biblical truths that affirm the answers to the four classic questions of life: ‘Where did I come from?’ ‘Who am I’ ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘Where am I going?’ From the answers of these four questions, twelve steps to destiny have been developed. These steps threaded throughout part one of the book includes a woman’s worth, image, name, mission, prayer, gift and destiny. In part two, the biblical trail continues leading God’s woman to her passion, purpose and the power to fulfill her destiny. The overall manuscript is designed to inspire women with a message of God-ordained hope and vision for a bright future. Go to your destiny, Earma

"Earma, You outdid yourself.  WOW is a must read for ALL women.  I read it and it was a fantastic book.  I can’t wait for the next one.  You keep empowering women.  I can’t say enough good things about WOW…I truly loved it.” Vickye Allison Frazier