Unexpected Rendezvous


By CKay Brooks

Publisher : Book Locker

ABOUT CKay Brooks

CKay Brooks
Mostly General Fiction novelist with suspense and real life problems thrown in for good measure. Day job involves driving a tour-bus along the Pacific Northwest, and no, no one 'helps' me with my tire chains in the snow. 



Called out on a snowy night to deal with a storm, brought back memories of his wife’s death. Leaving the scene of a deadly accident, he chanced upon a tour bus driver installing chains. Marveling at the efficient installation with no wasted motion, his casual question unwittingly exposed him to a biting dressing down. Being knocked off balance by the sharp reprimand, he found himself laughing out loud when the bus full of Marines pulled away.

After years of no interest in the female of the species, he found himself curious about the mouthy woman who expertly drove her bus across the dark mountain roads of his county. Covered from head to toe in bulky winter clothing, he doubted he would recognize her again, unless he saw her eyes. Was the meeting a fluke of a night storm? He hoped not, because somehow, it changed everything.

Jana was not surprised to meet a grumpy sheriff while she installed snow chains on her bus, but he seemed surprised to meet her. When he was wounded in an assassination attempt, she co-operated with law enforcement to get him to safety, but who was the sheriff, really? Was he a threat to her or a promise? How was he involved with those she loved? Should she avoid him or face him head on?

The author is indeed a female tour bus driver. Before writing Unexpected Rendezvous,her son said, "Hey, mom, write a story about a woman bus driver, and tell all the stories you've told us through the years." Well, I didn't keep a diary, and I didn't meet my husband on the side of the road as Jana did, but she borrowed many bus driving experiences and skills of mine. The Bridgeport California area was chosen because I've been through there on Marine moves many times, as well as spent personal time there.I have enjoyed the beautiful area and thought Jana would enjoy it too. To date, some of biggest fans are the mostly men drivers I work with. They have enjoyed reliving experiences and can appreciate Jana's experiences. Some of their wives have enjoyed the glimpse of what their husbands have done, and had to put up with on the job. Recently, three of us were driving our empty buses (dead heading)back to Reno, Nevada from Camp Pendleton California. After traveling through Bridgeport we came upon cowboys on horseback working a heard of cattle. A young steer escaped and was traveling back and forth across the main highway. Russ, the driver behind me, was asking questions as to where the sheriff lived and became so distracted by the cowboys he didn't see the loose steer until he almost hit it. When we pulled off near the cut-off to the Marine Training Facility for a break, I had to listen to lengthy comments about how I could add the incident to my next novel. And speaking of that, the sequel to Unexpected Rendezvous is being pitched now! So maybe an Unexpected Rendezvous will led to A Deadly July soon.