Wheatgrass: Superfood for a New Millennium

Wheatgrass: Superfood for a New Millennium

ABOUT Li Smith

li smith
Born in Luxembourg and raised on a farm in South Africa, I married an artist and enjoy painting and writing. I grow wheatgrass, and offer wheatgrass juice, and other healing practices to keep body, mind and spirit strong. My holistic approach to life was nurtured by my mother who taught me More...


Wheatgrass authority Li Smith describes the outstanding nutritive and therapeutic benefits of consuming wheatgrass juice. From a holistic perspective, she recounts the history of this amazing superfood and its importance within the spiritual traditions of many cultures. Li also offers home usage and growing instructions and presents a new cleansing and rejuvenation program, which incorporates wheatgrass, fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, herbs and edible flowers.

More than a grain, wheatgrass offers the healing benefits of a primary 'sun-food', converting the sun's rays directly into chlorophyll as well as an abundance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes -- all needed to enhance health and optimize health and well-being.

The story behind my book was my quest for better health. In 1978 I started growing wheatgrass and drinking wheatgrass juice. My health improved dramatically, and so did the health of my family and friends. I have witnessed many cases of dramatic healing among those consuming wheatgrass juice, including the reversal of high blood pressure, anemia, asthma and kidney dysfunction. I have appeared on South African television and in People magazine promoting wheatgrass as a therapeutic superfood.

Jeffrey Scott Ginn - Magical Blend Magazine

Author Li Smith has been growing wheatgrass for over 20 years in South Africa. Wheatgrass: Superfood for a New Millennium is a wonderful book of insights, experience, and wisdom from the kingdom of chlorophyll. The nutritive and therapeutic blessings of wheatgrass juice as well as the histories and spiritual traditions of this superfood are as old as life itself. Fermented foods, herbs, and edible flowers are also graciously touched apon. Cleansing, rejuvenation, and life are all gifts Mother Earth gives you when you drink of her nectar. So have a little liquid sunshine and feel the peace.