A Child in Translation

Travel, Family & Relationships, Biographies & Memoirs

By Maria K

Publisher : Night Publishing


Maria K
My full name is Maria Igorevna Kuroshchepova and I am a Russian-Ukrainian immigrant who came to the United States as an impressionable 19-year old exchange student.

An engineer by education, an analyst by trade, as well as a writer, translator, photographer, artist and amate More...


'A Child in Translation' - Ukrainian Vignettes - is a deeply personal autobiographic narrative about growing up in Soviet Ukraine that delivers a vivid picture of life in a part of the world most outsiders have never thought about.

While the Ukraine may be dismissed as some obscure ex-socialist country, it in fact hosted the first known civilization on this planet - the Trypillians (6,000 - 3,000 BC) - and established the world's first university and written state constitution.

It also has some very eclectic claims to fame, including the deepest subway station in the world, the heaviest silver coin, the shortest main street in any capital city, the largest library and the invention of the helicopter, none of which is even mentioned in Maria Kuroshschepova's winning account of the more intimate incidents of her childhood.

Please meet Maria from the Ukraine. She came to the West as an alien, bringing with her a childhood yet to be defined by translation.

This is the story of my chidhood in the Ukraine and of the people and places who were most important to me.