Love Focused: Living Life to the Fullest

Religion & Spirituality, Family & Relationships

By Bob Hughes

Publisher : Crossroads Publishing

ABOUT Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes
Bob Hughes was in private practice as a Marriage and Family Counselor for thirty years, and currently practices as a consultant to individuals, families, and church leaders. He is a popular speaker and is known for his unique ability to apply biblical truth in life-changing ways. Bob and h More...


Love Focused will help you discover a very different approach to life and God that makes living in a difficult world satisfying and successful. It describes a model for living that frees you to enjoy a better life without having to change or control your world. And most importantly, Love Focused will help you succeed at the two things God says are most important: loving God and loving others.

If you think about it, we are all working hard at trying to get things to turn out a certain way. But unknowingly, this unbiblical, Outcome Focused approach to life is actually the cause of much of our frustration, self-centeredness and stress. Love Focused exposes this hidden, unhealthy way of living and teaches a more biblical, Love Focused model that dramatically changes lives and relationships.

Building on one concept at a time, Love Focused becomes an easy to use guidebook that can be applied to every area of your life from relationships, parenting, work, ministry, etc.
“This is the best description I have read on how a relationship with God can truly change us.”
Pastor Bevan Unrau, Seabreeze Church
Huntington Beach, California

“There never has been a book that has spoken so deeply to my heart, that I have learned as much from, that has changed my life like this one.”
Susan Christensen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“…practical, easy to read and touches you right in the heart.”
Pastor Rick Dunn, Coast Hills Community Church
Aliso Viejo, California

“…a practical users manual unlike any you will ever read for living a joyful and abundant Christian life.”
Shawn Johns, Speech Therapist

"I am frequently asked to recommend books to people who are struggling in various areas of their lives. This is it!
Linda McGlynn, Pastor to Children & Families
Lake Hills Community Church, Laguna Hills, CA

“The Hughes insight into the fundamental obstacles to godly change is powerful, unique, and above all, biblical. This book is a priceless gift to all of us who have yearned for a closer and richer life with God and others.”
Richard Denault
Television Director

"I have known Bob and Judy for over twenty-five years. I have often encouraged them, sometimes pleaded with them, to put their insights down in writing so that more people can have the benefit of their life-changing power. I know you will be forever grateful that you picked up this book."
Thomas Meaglia
Author, Knowing the Economy of God

“To say that the principles in this book are life-changing is really an understatement. I’ve been transformed!”
Jeff Hughes
(not related)
Corporate Controller

After applying the principles in this book, Brian Hunsaker received the following note from his secretary:

"I want you to know that I see God working in your life and making profound
changes. Your whole countenance and being seems to have really relaxed and it is so apparent to me how much the Holy Spirit is in your heart and God's peace is in you. Just to let you know I'm not the only one that has noticed...a few have commented that you are saying 'Thank you’ more and have a different way about you"

Brian says, "I'm very grateful for the changes in my life and that God is using those changes to help me trust Him more and love others better."
Brian Hunsaker
Real Estate Developer

“Of all the books on Christian growth I’ve read, Love Focused was by far the best. I didn’t want it to end. It was insightful, yet simple to understand and gave a simple solution that helped me understand how to change. Thank you for helping me to see the Christian life in a completely different way.”
Pam Wenger
Wife and Mother

“Other books I have read never helped me practically apply God’s Word in a way that would make a significant difference in my life. Now I have a way. Thank you!”
Elizabeth Bodie
Wife and Mother

“This book has truly been a transformation for me. It has exposed core issues in my life that were holding me back from living life fully and loving God and others completely. Thanks especially for the real life examples in the book that made it real for me and showed me step by step how to apply what I was learning.”
Mary Brummett
Mother of Four Sons