Temptation is like Fishing

Religion & Spirituality, Young Adult, Christian Books

By Nathan Wells

Publisher : Swat alliance ministries

Temptation is like Fishing

ABOUT Nathan Wells

Nathan Wells
A young bahamian author and youth pastor that began writing to inspire youth to live more committed lives to Jesus. His first book was a book titled "Dark Waters -sink or swim" His latest release is a book titled "Temptation is like Fishing". In his latest book Nathan W More...



This book is a life changing revelation that inspires reader to look beyond the here and now. The author explains what is temptation and how it traps many. He shares his personal way of dealing with temptation.

This was a personal message to the author from the Holy Spirit. He was going through a trying time in his life when God stepped in. THe divine revelation about temptation was exactly what the author need to see victory in his life. The author of this book believes if any reader take the time and invest in reading this book, their lives will be changed.

This  book was a sermon at first and then transferred to book form to give more people the vital info on temptation