Embraced by Darkness


By Patricia Bruening

Publisher : New Concepts Publishing

ABOUT Patricia Bruening

Patricia Bruening
  A survivor of domestic, Ms. Bruening lives in Tucson, Arizona, where she attends Brown Mackie College seeking a degree in Criminal Justice. An avid reader of everything, her favorite authors include Christine Feehan, Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Clive Cussler, and any Star  More...




Shaking off vague memories of a nightmare, Naomi steps outside her door and finds Ben Thornton, those startling green eyes so reminiscent of the man in her nightmare she faints in terror. Ben catches and carries her inside, surprised at this close proximity of the the woman who stars in his erotic dreams. After Naomi wakes, they discover an inexplicable sense of recognition, a familiarity out of place for two people who have never met. That connection fuels an intense physical attraction, an instant blinding lust making it difficult to keep their hands to themselves.

The appearance of strange men wielding tranquilizer guns throws them into sudden danger and the mysteries of their pasts. There's more going on than meets the eye. Naomi rediscovers buried telepathic abilities as the connection with Ben intensifies into a mental link that only gets stronger over time. Empathic, with flashes of telepathy, Ben needs as much information as he can get, especially after Naomi's nightmare vision of a brutal murder on the other side of the country a month earlier.

This book is the first of a trilogy, the whole story coming to me in one night. Since it didn't let me sleep, I spent the next few days writing the first rough draft! It nagged at me until I wrote the last word! The second story will be out soon and I am working on the third.



Embraced by Darkness by Patricia Oshier Bruening is an engaging story..."

"The story’s characters were well developed and likable. Each character has a different and unique personality that was well developed."

"The romantic scenes between Ben and Naomi are definitely hot. Ms. Bruening manages the idea of two psychics feeding one another’s desires quite well. I enjoyed the mystery of who-done-it, and what would happen next immensely."

"I found Embraced by Darkness to be quite a captivating story.
Posted by Kayden McLeod at 11:25 AM
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The rush of your breath and the pounding of your pulse will let you know just how unnerving this novel truly is. Naomi’s and Ben’s characters are not your average couple; in fact there are times when you dislike or are disgusted with both of them, but that is exactly what makes them so vivid and alive. They both have demons within that they struggle to overcome, and that fight really draws the reader in. I sincerely hope that this story continues on, because there is so much more to learn and love about the victims of Psychorp.

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